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In my just over four years of being a parent, there have been so many times that I have been proud of Princess Peach. The first time she rolled over, the first time she used Sign Language to sign milk, the first time she walked, when she graduated nursery school, and when she started junior kindergarten to name a few. But this past Saturday, Princess Peach did an act of kindness that made my heart explode with pride. I have never been so proud of her than I was this Saturday when she donated 8 inches of her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths National Donate Your Hair Day at BANG Salon in Toronto. There is a Yiddish/Hebrew word, Mitzvah which means good deed. I’m so happy that I was able to give Princess Peach an opportunity to do a mitzvah where she is making a tangible difference even at 4 years old! 

pantene beautiful lengths hair donation

I was a little nervous if Princess Peach was going to follow through with this. Her hair after all is her “claim to fame”. We are continually stopped on the street by strangers to comment on her hair. The past few weeks we have talked about donating her hair. She needed a hair cut as she’s only had 2 trims in her entire life. I felt better about her donating her hair than having 4-5 inches thrown in the garbage. As well, Princess Peach has watched me lose my hair, start wearing a wig, and now ditch my wig to sport a new short do. She understands the connection between her donating her hair for it to be used to make someone with cancer a wig.

pantene beautiful lengths hair donation

When we arrived at the salon, Justin German, Pantene Consulting Stylist was waiting for Princess Peach. She needed a little coaxing into the chair but with some candy she obliged. Justin has worked with Patntene doing hair donations since 2007. On Saturday, there were 42 donations in total. When we were at the salon, there were other kids which I loved seeing! Princess Peach was the youngest person at BANG Salon to donate her hair. A few people even dropped by the salon with cut hair after seeing the segment on CP24 news. I was quite intrigued on what the greatest amount of hair donated was this past Saturday. Justin told me that two people donated 23 inches each!

Princess Peach was awesome and sat still while Justin put her hair into two ponytails. He then measured 8 inches and cut above the elastic. I was a mess of emotions; shock, pride, amazement! When the ponytails were cut off they were bagged and then Justin cut and styled her hair! I couldn’t have been more thrilled with her new look. Princess Peach was so proud of herself too! It took her the rest of the day to get use to having short hair, but overall this was an amazing experience for her.

pantene beautiful lengths hair donation

Deirdre Brough, the Associate Director of Corporate Engagement at the National Office of the Canadian Cancer Society was on site as well cheering everyone on! I was curious about the process of what happens after hair is donated. Once people donate their ponytails, they are sent to Hair U Wear which is the manufacturer to make the ponytails into wigs. They are sorted by colour etc, and it takes about 8-15 ponytails to make one wig. Once the wigs are made they are sent to the Canadian Cancer Society to be distributed to women who need them.

 pantene beautiful lengths hair donation

If you weren’t able to donate hair on Saturday, you can donate at any time! If you live in Toronto, Justin said that you are able to drop your hair off at BANG Salon and they will send it in. If you don’t live in Toronto, you can follow these directions on how to cut and donate your hair.  Don’t forget you can also make an $8 contribution. When I spoke with Justin he told me that 100% of the funds donated goes directly into making more wigs! I love that Pantene has made such a wonderful commitment to helping women with cancer feel better about themselves during a trying time in their lives.



  1. Julia says:

    What a wonderful gift she gave. She’s adorable with the shorter do!

  2. What a great initiative and I’m so inspired by your daughter. She’s beautiful inside and out. I can only imagine what you were going through witnessing this first hand. She’s clearly wise beyond her years and she looks great with her new do! She must take after her mom…. and inspiration to us all!

  3. Darlene S. says:

    Princess Peach is an amazing little being…. with a heart bigger then she is!

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