Posterjack prints make the perfect holiday gift

The holiday season is filled with lots of family time, cheer, food and memories! And pictures. I feel like the entire month of December my camera is out snapping pictures of all of the great things that we are doing together. Princess Peach loves looking through pictures of all of us remembering all of the great things that we have done. At the end of every month I then go and transfer my pictures onto my hard drive for storage. But, I hardly ever do anything more than that. I always mean to print pictures up, but for a million different reasons, it just never happens.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to use Posterjack printing services. I was so excited to be forced to actually print up some pictures and showcase it in our house! I have been wanting to make a gallery wall in our hallway so this is officially the first print that will be included!  I was very impressed with all of the choices that Posterjack offers. They offer regular picture printing in a variety of sizes to more specialty prints on canvas, wood, acrylic and metal. There is an $8.50 flat fee for shipping and on all order over $150.00 shipping is free!

It took me a while to decide on which pictures I wanted to print. I decided on a wedding print. Yes, I’ve been married for 5.5 years and don’t have any pictures blown up. So this was my chance to choose one of my favourites to print. I chose a picture of us with me holding my bouquet. Once I chose my picture, the rest was so easy to do. The Posterjack website even says that you can get started in 3 easy steps. I totally agree with that!

First you select your product which is all listed in easy buttons. I decided to go with a Wood Print. I loved that the picture would be a tad rustic looking and as our picture was of the two of us outside at our summer wedding, I thought this was the perfect choice.


Next, you select the size of the print. I really appreciate that the prices are listed on the size so if you are on a budget you can see how much you are going to be spending on the print (before taxes and any applicable shipping fees).


You then upload whatever picture you chose. You are then lead through a variety of choices to crop your picture, to add a border, effects or frame. Your summary of the print you have just created is on the side. If you are happy with your choice, you add it to your cart. You can then checkout or continue making more prints.


I was so excited to get my print. When I received it the first thing I noticed was a damage to the wood which happened to effect the picture right in the middle above my head. It was the first thing that stared back at me when I looked at the picture. I contacted Posterjacks customer service to let them know about the damage on the picture. I was asked to take pictures and email them with the issue. A few days later I received an email thanking me for my time and understanding and that another print was being reprinted. The following week a new print was in my hands!

Posterjack print on wood

PosterJack print on wood

As much as I love my wood print which is pretty amazing, my customer service experience far surpassed my expectations. I was disappointed with what I received and they quickly rectified that problem. That is great customer service. Thank you Posterjack!

If you are looking for holiday gifts that your loved ones can have and look at forever, consider ordering them a fabulous print! You won’t be disappointed (and if you are Posterjack’s amazing customer service will fix it!).

Disclosure: I was provided with a credit to order a print from PosterJack. My experience and opinions are always my own!

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