I popped my Indian food cherry #tkre2014

Up until Monday night, I was an Indian food virgin. Growing up in a huge metropolitan city with every ethnic groups cuisine, many were surprised that I had never eaten it before. Crazy right? My family tended to veer to Italian food as it would please my picky eating sister, my allergies and my families general rule of changing and customizing every restaurants menu to be just right to our tastes and needs.

I was invited to eat at The Kathi Roll Express at 1753 Avenue Road in the Lawrence and Avenue Road area. It is a very small space, meant to be take-out only street style Indian food. Delivery and catering options are available also. I didn’t know what to expect and was actually quite nervous for most of the day. When you loss your Indian food cherry you don’t want lots of people watching! Right? It’s nerve wrecking really! I was worried about not liking the food. I was worried that the spices may be too strong. I was worried that I wouldn’t like the curry. I was worried I just wouldn’t like it. 

But I was totally wrong! My first time was truly fabulous! Sumit Kohli, the owner planned out a delicious, tasty and absolutely filling menu to highlight some fabulous options at The Kathi Roll Express.

We sampled:


Pani Puri

Pani Puri


Chat Papri

Chat Papri


Shami Kabab and Butter Chicken Tikka Kathi Rolls

Shami Kabab and Butter Chicken Tikka Kathi Rolls

Curry's: Paneer Lababdar, Dal Makhani, Lamb Rogan Josh and Naan

Curry’s: Paneer Lababdar, Dal Makhani, Lamb Rogan Josh and Naan


Milk Cake

Milk Cake


I was so proud because I ate everything! I was so proud of myself for eating curry but I was most proud of myself for eating GOAT! Guys, I ate goat. One piece. But I actually ate goat. It was so delicious. Spiced just right it was totally tender and very similar to beef. I would order it again.



I loved the butter chicken roll. Very similar to a burrito, I can totally see me ordering this often. In fact, I brought one home for The Hubster and he really enjoyed it.

Although I don’t have any other Indian food experiences to relate this to The Kathi Roll Express doesn’t disappoint. Your taste buds will thank you as will your bellies!

Check out The Kathi Roll Express on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you have eaten there, or do eat there please share your experience and which foods are your favourite!


  1. Yeah! Be careful, it is a very addictive food. I converted Thibaut a couple of years ago and now he wants weekly Indian take-away…

  2. mom2michael says:

    You’ve never had Indian?!? So may years to make up for 🙂 Although I was probably in my 20s when I first tried it, but living in St. John’s I had an excuse 😉

    Sadly Boo thinks pepper is too “spicy” so we don’t have Indian as much as I’d like. But he loves naan and is ok with Tandoori chicken, so we make that probably once a month. Hubs and I just add masses of spicy pickle

  3. Erika E says:

    Wow, you sure tried quite a variety for the first time eating Indian food. It all looks really tasty. I’ve only tried a few dishes but I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve tried.

  4. Judy Cowan says:

    I have to admit I have never tried Indian Food because I have always thought it would be too spicy for me. You were brave to try goat, not sure that I would of tried it.

  5. hmrcarlson says:

    I also have a problem with spice and find it hard to eat a lot of Indian dishes. But the ones that I can are delicious!

  6. loucheryl says:

    I am a HUGE Indian food LOVER! It’s sooooo good. I could eat it every day. 🙂

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