My mommy day-off at Ste. Anne’s Spa and giveaway

There are moments, days or sometimes weeks when having two young children is complete and udder chaos. From the whining, and crying, to the soothing and playing and running between programs, being a parent is exhausting! There are many nights that I wish for a few hours just to myself to relax and recharge. Last week I had this chance to have an entire day to myself at Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ontario.

Ste. Anne’s Spa is a full service spa that is nestled in over 400 acres in the Haldimand Hills and located just 90 minutes east of Toronto. It has been voted Canada’s favourite spa from 2006-2013 by Spafinder Readers. With a goal of creating an atmosphere to help their guests rejuvenate and relax,  Ste. Anne’s spa has over 35 spa treatments and a variety of wellness classes to help you find your zen.

My mommy day-off started in the most perfect way- on the train. I haven’t been on the train in years and it was so wonderful not having to drive.  I was able to drink a cup of HOT coffee (what a luxury!), read a book and answer a few emails.

When I arrived at the train station in Coburg (the closest town to Grafton with a station), Richard, who works at Ste. Anne’s Spa, greeted me with a huge sign and a town car to take me to the spa. He was so personable and it was great speaking with him. Upon arriving at the spa he made sure I was all set up with my itinerary and whatever else I needed for the day. Ste. Anne’s Spa encourages all of it’s guest to relax in the comfy robe that they provide you the entire day! It’s funny at first seeing everyone in their robes but you quickly get use to it. They also encourage all of their guests to unplug to fully relax. It was hard but I turned off my phone and left it in my locker in the women’s change room.


I started my day off by getting a  Skin Nourishment Body Treatment. It is a new treatment at the spa and my therapist Amanda was fantastic! The treatment started with a foot scrub, followed by a full body scrub, then with a mud wrap and finally a shower and a light moisturizing massage. The treatment was 75 minutes of pure bliss. What I loved it that the essential oils and mud used in the treatment is tailored to your scent preferences and your skin type. This treatment gave my body some much needed TLC as my 2 minute showers in the morning leave no time to exfoliate or anything beyond a quick soaping.

I then retreated to the lounge pavilion that has big comfy couches and chairs and has big windows overlooking the property. I grabbed a book and sat down to read. The room always has cold spring water and apples to snack on. It was a refreshing treat as I read and relaxed with no one bothering me and no on wanting my attention!

Pavilion lounge Ste. Anne's Spa

Next up was lunch. Wow! The food at Ste Anne’s is amazing and made to order. It’s fresh, healthy and satisfying. I really appreciated how accommodating they were to my allergies to for people who cannot eat gluten they also have many gluten-free options!  I started with a bowl of mushroom soup topped with sour cream and alfalfa sprouts, next was a spicy chicken breast over a corn and potato hash on a bed of arugula. I then ended the meal with cinnamon tea (that was so delicious) and a piece of cake.  My seat for lunch was by the window and overlooked the grounds. The window was open and the fresh air was wafting through the room.

After lunch,I went back to the pavilion room and took a little snooze. It was so nice to curl up on the couch, close my eyes and rest. No children screaming, no phones buzzing. Just peace and quiet. Feeling even more well rested I slipped on my bathing suit and took advantage of all the water therapies that Ste. Anne’s offer. I went into the whirlpool, sauna and steam room in the women’s locker room. Then I ventured outside to the Fieldstone Grotto where I went into the hot tub, lap pool but was not brave enough to go into the cold plunge! I happened to be at Ste. Anne’s on a really beautiful spring day and it was glorious to be outside enjoying the sun while warm in the hot tub.  I then spent a few minutes in the Eucalyptus Steam Room. I, for one love steam rooms and I loved the added eucalyptus scent. This room is very, very hot so it isn’t for everyone.

After spending time in all of the water therapies, I went and dried up and had afternoon tea. What a treat!  I again was seated by the window which was perfect. I chose the cheese and fruit plate and another pot of tea. My cheese and fruit plate had two mini skewers of fresh fruit with a yogurt dip, some cubes of cheddar cheese, and cucumber slices with cream cheese.  I chose chocolate tea and it was the perfect pairing with my snack. I was able just to sit, clear my mind and really savior and enjoy everything I was eating and drinking.

I then went to sit in the Massey living room and was able to continue reading before doing a meditation class. Mats, blankets and bolsters adorned the floor for the guests use of the wellness studio. I have taken a meditation class before that focused more on the music of a CD that was playing with not so much talking. This meditation class was guided visualization with the teacher speaking to you and guiding you to relax your body during the whole class. At first I wasn’t quite sure that I would like it but when the teacher said it was over, I was disappointed. I didn’t really think I could get anymore relaxed but I did! If only I could replicate that experience at home I know I would be a much calmer, collected person.

Sadly, my day was coming to an end. With a quick walk around the grounds before leaving, I grabbed some cranberry biscotti (available all day in the spa waiting room) and was then taken back to the train station. I then made the trip back on the train to Toronto and back to the reality of my life. After having a much needed day to focus just on myself, I was home in time to kiss my kids and tuck them into bed!

Ste.Anne’s offers day spa services, overnight getaways and meetings spaces. For more information check out their website.

Win It!

Thanks to Ste. Anne’s Spa, one of my lucky GTA readers will win a day package for 2 ($700 value)! The package includes:

  • Full day at the spa
  • $120 in spa allowance each
  • 3 course lunch each
  • afternoon tea each
  • round trip train transportation from union station
  • full use of the facilities


 Disclosure: I received my train ticket and day at the spa in exchange for my honest review. As always my opinions are my own. 


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