Kitty love

I tend not to write too much about animals because at this point in my adult-life I don’t have one. I grew up with a dog and after she passed away my mom wasn’t ready for new dog until  my sister, Auntie Beige moved away to University. The week she left she was replaced by a very cute puppy! Princess Peach has adored my parents dog ever since she was a baby.  She loves walking her, feeding her and playing with her.

The past year or so she has started to ask us for a pet. Funny enough, she hasn’t asked us for a dog. She’s been asking for a cat! Sometimes I don’t know where she comes up with half of the things she says. When Auntie Beige recently moved in with her boyfriend Princess Peach was thrilled to find out that he had a cat, Kitty. Creative name, right? 🙂 Princess Peach couldn’t contain her excitement of going to meet Kitty. I’m not actually sure what she thought the cat would do but she couldn’t wait to meet her. Kitty, wasn’t too keen on my kids. She was getting use to her new environment, and I think my kids running after her and making loud noise made her hide. Princess Peach thought that Kitty’s hiding was a game. Let’s just say we maybe saw Kitty only for one minute or two our entire visit!


Auntie Beige and her boyfriend give that cat tons of love and adore her but sadly according to the Ontario SPCA, nearly one-fifth of cats were returned to shelters in Ontario in 2013, post-holiday. The top three reasons included cats conflicting with other pets in the home, allergic reactions, or facing behavioural problems, including litter box issues.

Ensure you spend quality time with your cat to make them feel at ease and part of the family, consider the following:

Treat their tummies: Make sure your cats maintain a healthy and balanced diet. This may require consulting your veterinarian. Just like humans, cats have different nutritional needs depending on their age and health. Otherwise, stick to quality food and fresh, clean water. Despite popular belief, milk shouldn’t be their main source of hydration and may actually cause stomach discomfort.

Set the stage: Just like we want to curl up during the cold winter, so do our cats! That’s why it’s important to make sure your cats are comfortable. Cats are naturally very clean so an untidy litter box won’t do. Try Arm & Hammer™ Clump & Seal™ Complete Odour Sealing Cat Litter, the only litter that forms a tight seal around their mess and destroys it with unique odour eliminators and Arm & Hammer™ Baking Soda. Also, place litter boxes far from food areas and use the North and South, East and West rule. Putting food and litter at opposite ends of your home encourages proper practices.  

Arm and Hammer Clump & Seal

Toy with trinkets: Cats are incredibly curious about their surroundings. They’ll pounce on anything that moves, rolls or sways. Pair a scratching post with a ball of string, a feather teaser stick, or even a stuffed mouse – any of these will do the trick! Just be sure the items you bring are safe for your cat and cannot be swallowed or easily torn apart.

Cozy up with your furry little feline this winter and enjoy a lasting companionship!

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