Join in the fun at the #PampersFirsts Twitter Party!

There have been so many memorable and special “firsts” since becoming a mom 3.5 years ago. Some of my favourites were the first time my kids rolled over, their first time trying solids, the first word they signed back to us (we did baby sign language) and of course their first steps. Little Dude’s “firsts” were as special to me as the first time I experienced them with Princess Peach. 

Tomorrow evening at 9 pm join in the North American #PampersFirsts Twitter Party! 



By joining in to talk about babies’ firsts you have to opportunity to win some amazing prizes!
Pampers Firsts Prize Pack (14 available — 2 winners per each of the 7 questions)
$150 value 

  • Pampers Diapers (3 boxes – economy pack – winner size choice) 
  • Pampers Sensitive Wipes Tub x 4 –
  • Dreft/Ivory Snow – 2 bottles 

Pampers Firsts Grand Prize  (2 available – 2 winners for grand prize question) 
$450 value 

  • Pampers Diapers (8 boxes, winner size choice) 
  • Pampers Sensitive Wipes -12 Tubs 
  • Dreft/Ivory Snow – 4 bottles 
  • Book: Guess How Much I Love You 
  • Book: I Love You Through & Through 
  • Book: That’s How Much I Love You
  • Book: Goodnight Moon


Looking forward to discussing all of our babies’ first tomorrow night! See you there

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