How I survived going back to work

It’s been almost three months since I’ve been back to work. I still feel like the “new girl”, but everyday that passes I’m becoming more and more comfortable in my complicated role. It’s been a change for all of us. Our morning routines had to change suddenly and I try (although I’m not good at it) to be organized with meal planning.I was really, really worried about going back to work but, overall the  transition back to work hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. I have to admit that I’ve had some help. 16 hours of life-changing help. If it were not for this lovely woman, I would be drowning in life. We hired a part-time nanny and it is one of the best thing we’ve ever done.


Growing up, my husband and I both had full-time nannies. Heck, my nanny who came into my life when I was eight still lives with my parents today with no kids at home! That’s another story, for another day! When it came to figuring out childcare for Princess Peach when I went back to work when she was 1, we chose daycare. I’ve never wavered that daycare was the best choice for both of my kids for so many reasons. We hired a weekly cleaning lady who cleaned for 4 hours and although my house was never as clean and tidy as I would have liked it to be, this set-up worked for us.

When I interviewed for my current job, I worried about childcare for Princess Peach. Little Dude would stay in daycare full-time until the end of the school year, but what about Princess Peach?  Who would care for her before and after-school as our  elementary school doesn’t offer childcare for Kindergarten students? After my grandfather had died in November, the help required for my grandmother changed. They had a few lovely caregivers who now needed work and the timing of this couldn’t have been better. One of the caregivers was interested in picking up Peach from school and cleaning our house. My parents offered to do drop-offs in the mornings. What I thought would be stressful, actually worked itself out nicely.

I  believe that the reason my transition was so smooth and I survived was because we hired a nanny. Our nanny has taken the stress out of so many jobs around the house that I’m not a fan of. By her doing these tasks, I don’t have to worry and stress about getting them done when I come home from work. I always joke that I’m a bad housewife. The truth is, I’m not cut-out for housewifery (is this even a word?) at all.So, the fact that I can rely on someone else to do all these things that I’m not good at and don’t enjoy, has made my life so much better. When I get home, the laundry is done and put away, the kitchen is cleaned and the dishwasher is emptied, fruit and veggies are cut for lunches and the beds are all made. Princess Peach is picked up, cared for, and played with until my husband and I get home. They also  go to the park, play with friends and enjoy spending time together. When I get home and prepare dinner, my kids have my undivided attention because I don’t have any other household tasks to worry about. And once the kids are in bed, I’m not rushing around the house cleaning, doing laundry etc. I usually park my ass on the couch, watch TV, eat some ice cream and of course, blog.


Maybe some of you are reading this are rolling your eyes because not everyone can afford a nanny. Maybe some of you can understand my sentiments because you’ve had a nanny for years and totally get it. Whatever your stance and feelings about a nanny are, are your own. To me, spending so much for a nanny per month has saved my sanity and made me a better mother. At the end of the day, I’m able to be with my kids without worrying about doing all of these other household duties. And for that, I will be ever grateful for the decision that we made.



  1. I’ve never had a nanny but I am not rolling my eyes, I just want the same!!!

  2. erynlueders says:

    I’ve never had a nanny, nor do I know of anyone who has. However, my husband and I talk about it all the time. We only have a 4 month old right now, but if we decide to have more than one child, we’ll work it into our budget. Even if only a few days a week.

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