How did you announce?

Announcing that you are pregnant and/or announcing a baby-to-be’s gender is very trendy these days.When I announced to friends on Facebook, I wrote “Me + The Hubster =baby arriving August 2011”. I thought I was being creative! haha.

Pregnancy announcements have popped up among people I know on my news feeds. My favourite place to scope out these announcements  are on, guess what is it? Pinterest! Here are some of my favourite pregnancy announcements that I have seen.

(Please note that all pictures below have come from Pinterest)

Photo idea for announcing you are pregnant!!! :)


Best photo pregnancy announcements – pics!

pregnancy fortune cookie announcement

Daddy's, Baby's, and Mommy's Chucks.

Pregnancy announcement / Baby announcement.

Birth announcement

And this my favourite YouTube announcement not because the announcement is so great but because the reactions are INCREDIBLE and it is sure to bring a tear or two to your eyes.

How did you announce that you were pregnant?


  1. @YashYanthi says:

    we did the M&Ms! Sent the ‘grandma & grandpa’ to my husband’s parents in the East Coast and the ‘archchi&seeya’ to my parents in India and got them on skype so we could watch their reactions as they opened the mail! We also had our siblings over for dinner and gave them the ‘aunt&uncle’ ones for dessert.

  2. Awesomemommy says:

    What a cute post!! Love it! We totally didn’t tell people and waited till people started asking me – then we did the whole “I’m not pregnant” to make them feel bad. Is that awful? lol

  3. Sarah Lynn says:

    We told people individually. Then I wrote a “Press Release” for Facebook after we had our 20 week ultrasound and found out it was a girl…I work in PR and my partner and I met in Journalism school so it seemed fitting. Some of this photos are so cute!

  4. Laura says:

    These are so cute and creative!

  5. Sarah says:

    We told everyone at my husband’s Birthday Party. I wrapped up frames for each grandmother that said “Grandma’s like you are precious and few” and in the frame I put a little note saying “coming July 2011”. Then at the party in front of all our close friends and family (many who didn’t know) I asked the Parents to come up so we could give them a thank you gift for helping to host the birthday party.

    They opened the gifts, both mom’s starting screaming and crying, the dad’s took a little longer to clue in, finally our friends started to figure it out as well. My father kept insisting I sit down in my delicate condition, We then announced to the entire room we were having a baby.

    It was nice to be able to tell everyone that was close to us at the same time, so they found out from us personally and not through the grapevine or second hand!

    • mscmommylife says:

      Sarah, that is such a great way to announce!!!! I love the idea about telling everyone at the same time. Makes it way more special and memorable!!!

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