Hello Joe!!!

I’ve always enjoyed coffee but never considered myself a coffee drinker. I use to think of it more as a treat to myself when meeting a friend or out for brunch. I never had a need to own a coffee machine (although I got a few when I got married) because I never made any!

But……then came┬áPrincess Peach. At the beginning it was the lack of sleep but I’m addicted. I’m addicted to coffee. When Princess Peach was 3 months old we purchased a Keurig machine because expensive Starbucks trips were racking up. When Princess Peach was a newborn we would visit Starbucks daily. Yes, daily. That was a minimum $4.00 a day, at least.

So then we purchased this Keurig machine and at first that sufficed. I would brew myself one coffee at home a day and I was happy. And then it happened. Princess Peach started waking up earlier, and earlier and I was more tired. So to start my day I brew myself a large Keurig coffee that goes into a thermos. I literally gulp it down. I can’t drink it fast enough. It is sooooooo good!

But then we somehow end up at Starbucks on a daily basis. So now not only am I buying Keurig K-cups but Starbucks is again sucking me in!!!

One of my favourite apps out there is the Starbucks app. O.M.G. Its amazing. And addicting. So we go to Starbucks get a venti vanilla non-fat coffee misto in the afternoon for my pick me up.

I know that somewhere down the road I will have to end my relationship with coffee. As much as we love each other and I rely on it as a daily basis one day it will have to end.

But until then, my dear cup of Joe. I cannot wait until our date tomorrow.



  1. Chloe says:

    I too love the Joe. I feel the pleasure of it coursing through my veins when I take my first sip. Just wait until the second pregnancy when your recent addiction gets shunned, and you have to go through caffeine withdraw. Enjoy it, and her now, even if she wakes up early and drives you to need the caffeine.

  2. janefarkas says:

    Stumbled upon your blog and its awesome! I too am slightly obsessed with coffee. I, however, have passed the gene onto my children. When my 3 year old comes home from school and is tired, he lays on the couch and says “Mommy, I need a Starbucks”. I don’t give my kids coffee. They get him a vanilla steamer and call it coffee. Good luck with your blog!

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