Halloween is tomorrow! #StreamTeam



I can’t believe Halloween is already tomorrow! Every morning when Princess Peach wakes up she asks if it’s “Halloween today?”. To which we have to answer her questions that she must wait longer. But tomorrow, when she wakes up I can finally tell her that Halloween is finally here! She is so excited. It is really so cute to see! I’m sure like most little girls tomorrow, Princess Peach is dressing up like Elsa from Frozen. Little Dude will be a dragon. They got to practice and get comfortable wearing their costumes last weekend at a community Halloween party. 01c1bf667c7adde515db0f44eb6eebfe8315643a7d

Ever since Princess Peach was born we have been celebrating Halloween with her first cousins. It’s such a great tradition. All the kids eat dinner together, get dressed, we take the obligatory pictures and then trick-or-treating we go! It’s so nice for all of the cousins to go together. It’s such a blast for the kids and adults.

Unfortunately, tomorrow night is suppose to be freezing and the weather forecast has been calling for possible snow flakes! So crazy. I hope the kids trick-or-treating time isn’t cut short. If it is there are some great mystery themed movies  on Netflix to keep the kids in the Halloween spirit if it’s too cold. If you have little ones too, you will want to check them out! I always like having an plan B and this is mine 🙂


  1. Blue’s Clues
  2. Busytown Mysteries
  3. Inspector Gadget’s Biggest Caper Ever
  4. I Spy

What are your kids dressing as for Halloween?

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