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Summer is quickly fading away, and kids will soon be heading back to school. For me, Princess Peach will be off to school for the first time as she is starting Junior Kindergarten. She has been in daycare for the past 3 years but there are so many things I need to worry about now that I never had to before.

I know many people spend a lot of time getting ready for back to school. For me, getting Princess Peach ready for back-to-school was the greatest experience. Shopping and kids equal a great experience? I’m not sure everyone will agree with me, but let me explain. Taking my four year-old daughter to the mall to shop is overwhelming and depending on her mood can be very stressful. My daughter often wants to buy things I have no intentions of buying and navigating a mall with a child is hard! I usually don’t get a chance to buy items that I planned to and come home with new items I never wanted. So why was my experience so great? Because I did it all online at! It was seriously a fabulous experience!


Before sitting down with Princess Peach  at the computer I decided what she will need for kindergarten. She needs a backpack that is big enough to hold a lunchbox, library book and folder, a lunchbox that is able to hold a lot, a water bottle and a bento style box. makes back to school shopping a breeze! There is even a button on their homepage that takes you to all of the back to school items listed by category.

Knowing what we needed to buy, I sat down with Princess Peach r and let her pick what we wanted off the site! It was that easy. I think our entire shopping experience took 5 minutes! It also helps, that like most little kids she is easily swayed by her favourite colours, pink and purple. So she only considered items that had those colours.  


Princess Peach chose a SoYoung backpack.  As a parent I love that it is laminated on the outside making it easy to clean, has an interior mesh pocket for all of my daughters treasures, and is big enough to hold her lunch bag, outdoor gear, a communication folder and library books. My daughter loves the pink flower and the chest clip!


Bringing a lunch is a whole new world for us. Princess Peach chose the Lug Kids Choo Choo Lunch tote, the Goodbyn Bynto, a Colibri resuable snack bag and a Nalgene water bottle. All of these items chosen are child friendly as Princess Peach, who is four is able to open and close her items.


Once we placed our order and I was smiling at how easy the entire experience was, we waited for our items to arrive. They arrived at our door within a few days and Princess Peach has been enjoying trying on all of her back-to-school gear!

This year, when you consider hitting the malls with your kids, instead sit down at the computer, open the browser to and let them pick their back-to-school items with ease. You will thank me and so will your patience!

Disclosure: I was provided items of Princess Peach’s choice thanks to My opinions as always are my own!

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