Four ways to play with your kids indoors #giveaway #PlayAdvocate

The weather is starting to change and the amount of time that we are able to spend outside is sadly decreasing. The cold weather and winter will be here before we know it! My job as a parent gets a little more complicated in the winter time as I have to make sure we have lots of fun activities in the house to keep both Princess Peach and Little Dude engaged. As much as we love to play in the snow the past few winters have been freezing so I have to be prepared for lots of indoor play! This is why we love Hot Wheels™.  There are plenty of ways to build and create with your little ones inside, and below are some tips to help you make this winter fun no matter what the weather:

Clear Some Space
Your little ones will be used to having lots of space to run around, so the move inside may be a little bit of a shock to the system! Make sure you have a little area for them to play and create, even if it’s just reorganising their room so there’s a bit more floor space.
Get Creative
Without the great outdoors to rely on, you may need to get a bit creative in terms of activities. Arts and crafts can be a fun indoor activity as well as building toys or forts. Help them create their own indoor castle or hideout with cardboard boxes and decorate it with paint and other craft supplies. It will provide hours of fun and a great way to engage their imagination.
Get Involved
Your little ones will naturally be more interested in activities that you also get involved with, so as they move inside, be prepared to get a bit more hands-on with play time. They’ll love it if you play the evil dragon to their cardboard castle or help them build a racetrack for their Hot Wheels™.
Take it Online
Playing the online or computer version of their favourite game can be a fun way for your little ones to explore a whole new universe of possibilities when it comes to their favourite toys. With Hot Wheels™ Epic Race, your little ones will be able to take track building to heights – let their imaginations run wild!


Even though Little Dude is 2 years old he adores Hot Wheels. He loves anything and everything with wheels and the tracks give him an opportunity to use his imagination and play with the cars in a different more imaginative way. It is also a great way to get Princess Peach and Little Dude playing together in a cooperative manner with the cars and tracks.

Win It!

One lucky Canadian (excluding Quebec) reader will win a Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack up (arv $29.99).

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  1. julielaura1 says:

    Lego is a big hit here!

  2. Silvia D says:

    The favourite for my step grandsons would be Lego’s and Hot Wheels. My step grandaughter loves her activity table and stuffies mostly.

  3. Adina Slavin says:

    Gavriel loves cooking in his mini kitchen!!

  4. Thanks for the chance!

  5. bswilkins80 says:

    Probably a tie between LEGO and Hot Wheels!

  6. Dinkies!

  7. LOL He loves anything that go fast or makes noise!

  8. Erin W says:

    Right now my daughter loves PlayDoh. She’s never had a car track and I think it would be a big hit with her!

  9. Anne Taylor says:

    My grandson is loving his toy piano!

  10. Viv Sluys says:

    My youngest loves play-doh and hot wheels. My older two love playing Barbies and drawing.

  11. InezbyDesign says:

    My grandsons love they trucks

  12. my girls love puzles, hot wheels, and anything how to train your dragon! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  13. nomnombearinyvr says:

    My son loves Hot Wheels and lego!


  14. lynnbeanie23 says:

    legos and more legos

  15. andrea amy says:

    Currently they like their tinker toys, but hotwheels, legos and transformers are right at the top of the list as well.

  16. wendy nicholls says:

    cars for sure, sny kind he loves his cars more than anythng

  17. Gillian Morgan says:

    Sophie loves to play with play dough a lot lately.

  18. Jenness M says:

    My son loves his lego!

  19. Florence C says:

    My grandchildren love to play with legos

  20. Bianca Munoz says:

    My kids love the train table and they really love basically any toy lol! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  21. Angela Mitchell says:

    It’s a toss up for my son between his Hot Wheels, trains and cooking supplies.

  22. favgreen(Rhonda W G.) says:

    AJ loves his train set…

  23. Wendy Hutton says:

    they love building with the legos or mega blocks

  24. Morgan E. says:

    My son loves building train tracks and playing with his thomas the trains.

  25. Christine says:

    My son loves hot wheels!

  26. Lisa bolduc says:

    My little guy is in love with Tractors

  27. elaing8 says:

    His video games.

  28. Cheryl says:

    Our little guy loves his trucks 🙂

  29. Erika Letson says:

    My boy’s favourite indoor toys are their trucks and cars!

  30. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    My son loves his Lego.

  31. Julie Bolduc says:

    My nephew loves playing trucks

  32. Darlene S. says:

    Right now she uses her keyboard & tablet a lot.

  33. Jenny says:

    hot wheels

  34. My son loves his train

  35. I would have to say K’NEX

  36. aarone mawdsley says:

    race cars are the best

  37. jane kramer says:

    my kids are into legos right now , we have lots of fun with them .

  38. FrugalFowers says:

    My son loves hockey cards and play doh

  39. Lori Jackson says:

    Cars, trucks, anything with wheels. He also likes trains and Lego.

  40. prairiebelle says:

    my son’s favorite indoor toy is lego

  41. doreen lamoureux says:

    little cars or big trucks were theirs.

  42. They like this little kitchen playset.

  43. Emilia says:

    Lego and colouring

  44. Yuen C says:

    Mostly LEGO!

  45. angela m says:

    My daughter loves playdoh or Barbies

  46. Paula H says:

    My son loves his Hot Wheels cars. We are starting to get him the play sets and tracks he would go crazy for the track builder spiral stack for sure!

  47. Misty Taylor says:

    My child’s favorite indoor toy is ball pit. They spend hours in there playing

  48. edmontonjb says:

    My kids love playing with their Hot Wheels cars most


  49. hmrcarlson says:

    My little guys are into colouring and playing with PlayDoh right now.

  50. Marina M. says:

    My 4 year old son loves to play with his building blocks.

  51. Lee-Ann says:

    Legos and hot wheels

  52. aly3360 says:

    The stuffed animals are the favourite. they play all day long with them carrying them all over the house. We have a stuffed monkey and a stuffed tiger that are the favourites right now.

  53. Lisa Neutel says:

    my son loves to build and create things with his LEGO

  54. Lego, one of my nephews really enjoys Play Doh… and his sister eats it. lol

  55. karinespace says:

    My nephews love legos!

  56. Eldon says:

    Lego is the favourite!

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