Four days of celebrations

I love celebrations. Until two years ago my birthday celebrations could last over a month….yes I sometimes would still celebrate my birthday into May. Crazy I know since my birthday is April 4.

Friday was Princess Peach’s first birthday. I have been dreading and anticipating this day for a long time. I no longer have a baby 🙁 She’s walking, has a bunch of words and is quite feisty. She knows exactly what she wants and you can’t fool her into wanting anything but that specific item…usually it’s an Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, T.V remote, home phone or baby monitor. This kid has a knack for technology.

The Hubster and I took Princess to the Bowmanville Zoo on Friday to celebrate her birthday. We had an amazing time! We fed and petted goats, took an elephant ride, saw a tiger, ate ice cream, and of course saw the monkeys. We sang “happy birthday” to Princess Peach probably close to 50 times during the day. By the end of the day she just chuckled when she hear us sing it or snap her fingers when I sang “skip around the room”.






Yesterday was The Party. It was amazing and I think everyone had a great time! I know we did!! Not gonna lie but I wish I was Martha Stewart. I have oohed and aaahed over all these incredible birthday party themes and decorations on Pinterest, blogs and websites for months. I give huge kudos to all of these moms who had a bazillion hours to spend prepping your childs incredible looking party. With the realization of me going back to work I couldn’t do it. Maybe another time! But we still had a cute theme and the cutest first birthday girl… EVER! I will be posting picture so dont’ you worry!

The last day out of our four-day celebration (today) is my parents 34th wedding anniversary along with our 3rd anniversary. Yes, The Hubster and I got married on my parent’s wedding anniversary. My dad was totally against it yet the three of us agreed that it was nice. Today is also my cousin’s birthday. My family likes to have major events on the same days. My mom, dad and one grandmother all have their birthday in succession of one another in December. That’s always a fun and busy time.



Back to our anniversary. It’s a great day. Last year it was so memorable that we keep joking that we need to rent out a room in Mount Sinai Hospital (where I delivered) to celebrate. Um, no thanks. Last year at around 11 pm on august 19 as Princess Peach was in her bed beside me in our HUGE private room The Hubster said he needed a Powerade and was going to be back soon. Just before midnight he came back with a piece of cake for us to share to celebrate our anniversary. He is always creative and thinks outside the box. Instead of candles which he couldn’t get at that hour he improvised with straws (see picture below). Best part was as I was shoveling the cake into my mouth…it hoestnly couldn’t get in there fast enough the nurse walked in. I apologized to her for my ravenous eating but didn’t want to miss a crumb and continued to stuff my face. How sexy do i sound? haha










I’m sure our anniversary now will always be overshadowed by Princess Peach’s birthday celebrations but that’s how it should be. She’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to us and we celebrate her everyday.

I think we will order in sushi tonight and have a small celebration with the three of us. Oh, and cake will be involved!

How do you celebrate your anniversary?




  1. Laura says:

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to the little one. Cute pics! 🙂

  2. AnchelK says:

    Such a sweet post.

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