Farewell Pacifiers! #KinderMom

Princess Peach is just over 3 years old and since 2014 has started we have said goodbye to two big “baby” items; her beloved bottles and her diapers! There was just one more item for us to bid farewell to; her pacifier or what she called “baba”. Everytime The Hubster and I decide we are going to take away one of her “baby” items we worry and stress over it. I try to give Princess Peach lots and lots of warning about each transition. What has worked for me is to tell her that Fairies are going to come at nighttime and take those “baby” items and bring them to babies who need them. Each and every time she totally eats this story up. Thank goodness for those fairies!

The timing might not have exactly been planned but we had been talking about how sometime soon the Baba Fairy would be coming and bringing her babas to babies who need them. Then one day her pacifier came home chewed up from daycare. That one went into the garbage. Then the next day, another one came home chewed up. She was biting her pacifiers in her sleep and it now became a safety issues so I immediately decided the fairies were making their way that evening! I asked Princess Peach what the fairy could bring her and she said “an egg’. I knew exactly what she meant! A Kinder Surprise Egg!

#Kindermom My So-Called Mommy Life

The next morning, this is what she woke up to. A very special note and Kinder Surprise Egg from the “Baba Fairy”.


Princess Peach absolutely loves unwrapping Kinder Surprise Eggs and seeing the toys that are inside! As of mid-September limited edition Transformers and Disney Fairy toys can be found inside specially marked Kinder Surprise Eggs. There are 8 Transformers toys and 10 Disney Fairy toys to collect!

#Kindermom My So-Called Mommy Life

One night without a pacifier and she was all grown-up telling me like doesn’t like “babas” anymore and that they are for babies! Win one for me! Farewell Pacifiers!

I’m very thrilled to announce that I’m a #KinderMom. Over the next year, I’m looking forward to sharing many more special stories with you about how my family enjoys Kinder Surprise Eggs and the memories it helps us create together.

If your child had a pacifier, what was your trick in getting rid of it?


  1. loucheryl says:

    I’m so lucky that both of my boys didn’t want anything to do with pacifiers. 🙂 Love the idea of giving her a congratulatory Kinder Egg for giving up her pacifier. 🙂

    • mscmommylife says:

      My son wasn’t interested in pacifiers either after months of trying! One less things to wean off of later on 🙂

  2. loriag says:

    One child was really hard to give up the pacifier, I finally had to cut the tip of it. Didn’t work after that.

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