Falling for Fall

I’m not a fan of the winter. I haven’t been for a long time. Growing up in Canada I had no choice really but to either like it, love it or just deal with it. I guess I liked it as a child; playing in the snow, making snow angels, tobogganing, building snow men. My family didn’t ski, or snowboard so the amount of time we actually spent outside doing winter activities was limited. I played basketball which is considered a “winter” sport. It wasn’t until I lived in California for a year and skipped one winter that my views on winter changed. I don’t like it at all. Yes, by living where I do I have to do deal with it but to me it’s a nuisance. I do enjoy sunny snowy days when you can walk outside. Depending on the year it does happen.

So this brings me back to fall. The bridge season between summer and winter. Fall is really lovely. Obviously, I noticed it as a child but since having a child of my own I am really appreciating all the things that falls brings; pumpkin patches, warm drinks, cuddles, earthy pies, holidays, sweaters, hot soup, the leaves changing and bright, deep colours. As a child my mom was insistent on taking drives through the country to look at the leaves change. As a child I wasn’t too excited about those drives but as an adult I LOVE it. (Sidenote to mom: if you are reading this, you were right. The leaves changing is a beautiful thing to see. Sorry it took me 31 years to realize this).

Here are some recent Fall pictures of our family falling for fall:

gorgeous tree












posing by the pumpkins









Turkey love with Cousin R









I have John Deere Gator Love









Not a fan of the pony ride!









Ride at Pumpkin Patch #3











What are your favourite fall things to do?




  1. Ok I am with you on winter and hate it. I am from NY so we do have seasons and winter comes in dead last for me!! As for Fall activities that I love, I truly love going pumpkin picking and just about anything that goes along with Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays!!

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