Evenflo Triple Fun ExerSaucer review and giveaway

Little Dude is at an age now where he wants to play and be entertained. Sure, he is happy to be snug and close in the baby carrier, but he needs more stimulation as he wants to move about and explore our world! Sometimes my singing “head and shoulders”, “wheels on the bus” and playing with his toy cars just don’t cut it! We recently received an awesome addition to our baby items that keeps Little Dude entertained (read- happy)! What is this item you ask? It’s the Evenflo Triple Fun Life in the Amazon ExerSaucer (arv $149.99).

I have to admit I was keen on reviewing this item because it’s a 3-in-1. It can be used as an activity mat from birth to 4 months, then as a contained activity centre from 4 months until walking and finally as an activity table from your cruiser/walker until 24 months. So pretty much this one toy is able to take you from birth until 2! So far we have only used this as a play mat and ExerSaucer. When Little Dude starts cruising, we will open it up and use it as an activity table.


Over the last 2.5 years our house has become decorated with different baby and children’s items and toys. I quickly learned that I like toys that have a long lifespan. Sure, we have our fair share of items in our basement storage that we only used for a few months but when you are spending money on bigger ticket items, I like to make sure that they can last. And this is one that passes that test with flying colours!

Evenflo Triple Fun ExerSaucer

In our house we call our ExerSaucer the “circle of neglect”. Now I say that in the most loving and adoring way. When we put him in there we can go and do what we need to do for a short time (within earshot) and know that Little Dude will be happy.  In fact, Little Dude never gets bored when he’s in the ExerSaucer! Sporting 11 different toys there is always something for him to touch, pull, bite, suck and play with! The seat spins 360 degrees and Little Dude is able to move himself around at ease. For a mom of children who spit up, I like things that I can wash and I love that the seat padding is washable. Huge plus for me!

Evenflo Triple Fun ExerSaucer

Here are some more reasons why I love the Triple Fun ExerSaucer:

  • 3 easy to adjust heights
  • grows with your child from birth-age 2
  • folds flat for travel and storage
  • super cute amazon theme featuring a variety of animals
  • toys are bright and baby is able to reach all of them
  • in the ExerSaucer mode, baby is able to freely move around and also bounce
  • keeps baby entertained and stimulated
  • the toys can be detached and put on other Evenflo toys or used separately
  • very easy to wipe down and clean
  • there is a good variety of toys that have music, sounds, and then those that don’t and move by touching them.

There are two negatives of the ExerSaucer for me. It took The Hubster a very LONG time to build. Having recently built many big toys we assumed this would be an easier build. It took about 3 hours from start to finish. At times we both found the instructions to be confusing. Adding numbers to the items or bags would help reduce this confusion. The other negative is that there isn’t one general on/off button for the electronics pieces. Each has their own which means this required a total of 9 AAA batteries.

Win It!

One lucky Canadian reader will win one Evenflo Triple Fun Life in the Amazon ExerSaucer.

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Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.



  1. Darlene Schuller says:

    I love the ExerSaucer® 2-in-1 Door Jumper!

  2. Amie Gaudet says:

    Definitely the door jumper. It is a MUST HAVE.

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    The Portable BabySuite® Deluxe Playard looks awesome. I love the Raleigh pattern!


  4. karinespace says:

    The Evenflo RightFit Booster Car Seat, it looks so comfortable, such quailty!

  5. Jeannie says:

    I like the Portable BabySuite® Deluxe Playard. Love all the patterns it comes in.

  6. Doris H. says:

    ExerSaucer 2in1 door jumper would be awesome to have.

  7. Sarah says:

    Wow the Evenflo car booster seat looks wonderful!

  8. Jaime Perlstein says:

    I want to try the am session jumper, looks like Ryan would love it!

  9. Tina F says:

    Portable BabySuite Deluxe Playard love it

  10. A RightFit booster seat for my 6 year old.

  11. Anne Taylor says:

    loving the Convertible High Chair, Marianna

  12. jessica s says:

    ExerSaucer® Jam Session Jumper

  13. Carolle Hall says:

    Would like to have enevflo car seat

  14. Lori Bazan says:

    RightFit Booster Car Seat would be so great to own!

  15. Piroska says:

    I’d love to get the Portable BabySuite® Deluxe Playard, Lizette.

  16. angela m says:

    I would like to try the FlexLite™ Stroller

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    The The 2-in-1 Door Jumper would be great to try out!
    raffelcopter tabitha b

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    ExerSaucer 2in1 door jumper is really nice!

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    I’m interested in the Portable BabySuite® Classic Playard! http://www.evenflo.com/Products/Evenflo/Playards/BabySuite_Classic/

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    I really like the ExerSaucer® Jungle Quest Jumper

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    I love the My First Pet Jumper!

  34. I would also like to try the “ExerSaucer® Bouncin Barnyard Saucer” from Walmart. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  35. Brandee H says:

    The portable deluxe placard looks like it would come in handy for trips to grandmas house!

  36. May says:

    I would love to try the Convertible High Chair, Marianna!

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  47. Momma_Kitty says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Evenflo® Portable BabySuite Deluxe Playard . . . in either Koi or Koi Party Pink (depending on our gender reveal in two weeks!) It’s another fabulous multi-use product that I just know we’d get so much use out of both at home and while visiting friends and family . . . and I love the stars in its mobile since our nursery theme is “When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars!” Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  48. JaimeeM says:

    portable deluxe babysuite playyard. Koi for me please. It would be perfect for my little nephews. 🙂

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