Disney Princess Belle #DreamBigPrincess

“I want so much more than they’ve got planned”


 When I turned 16 years old, the musical Beauty and The Beast was playing in Toronto. I remember begging my mom for tickets to go and see it. I had adored the movie that came out in 1991. When I woke up on the morning of my 16th birthday, my mom had the greatest surprise for me! She had decorated the stairs between the main floor and second floor of our house. On the stairs were a few gift bags with surprises inside. One of those amazing surprises were tickets for my sister and I to see Beauty and The Beast! I remember being in awe the whole time. I absolutely loved it and now that love is being passed down to Princess Peach.

Belle is intelligent and open-minded and has so many dreams. Her nose is always in a book and she yearns for adventure just like the places she reads about. Belle teachers kids about being loyal and about taking care of those we love as Belle gave up a lot to take care of her father. What I love most about Belle is that she is able to see beyond appearances and look for someones beauty which lies within.

Royal Shimmer Belle

Belle’s ombre shimmering dress is beautiful! Just like the other dolls in this collections her looks are true to the characters with her beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair. Belle is wearing her classic yellow dress with glitter print detailing.


Disney Princess Little Kingdom Belle’s Enchanted Dining Room

It’s time for dinner with Belle and her enchanted friends! This set it super cute with the play set shaped like a teapot. There’s a little table and chair for Belle to enjoy the little treats on. You can even pass the treats through the spout of the teapot! Lumiere can even hang from the chandelier! This set also includes snap-ins to customize Belle’s look! This set includes lots of little pieces so please make sure it is kept out of reach of little kids and household pets!


 Belle’s Long Locks

 This is Princess Peach’s favourite! This Belle doll is super long hair for your little Princess to play with! She comes with a little crazy that has a mirror on one side for Belle to look at herself. Princess Peach comes with two hair clips that you can wear and share! Princess Peach loved putting them in her hair and then in Belle’s. She also comes with yellow heels and a yellow crown.




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