Dish with Dawn #pgmom

John Catucci from The Food Network Canada. Dawn dish soap. Poutine. Need I say more? (Did I get you at Poutine?)

Let’s talk poutine for a moment. For anyone who doesn’t know what poutine is, it has become Canada’s national dish. It’s fries, with cheese curds covered in gravy. It’s greasy delicious. I didn’t grow up on poutine so it was really foreign to me until I went away to University. After crazy drunken Saturday nights you could find me and my friends in downtown London, Ontario beside the train tracks at Sammy’s eating Poutine. Truth be told, I’ve been hooked ever since! There is just something about those three things mixed together that gets me every time. Poutineres are very trendy now and all over Toronto serving up a variety of different poutine concoctions.

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to join some fellow P&Gmom bloggers in Dundas Square in Toronto for an amazing event called Dish with Dawn.  John Catucci from The Food Network Canada’s You Gotta Eat Here! hosted the event. In exchange for eating free poutine, you had to clean your dish using Ultra Dawn.

The tables were set beautifully that I almost didn’t want to sit down but being 8 months preggo, it wasn’t a choice and I wanted to eat poutine 🙂 The tables were adorned with stunning vibrant flowers in gravy boats. How cute?! We then heard from John Catucci who loves to make messes and then all about the incredible science behind Ultra Dawn to clean up those greasy messes that foods like poutine leave behind. Everyone was then served their poutine. Once our tummies were filled with delicious poutine and our plates just had the greasy reminiants left we cleaned our own dishes with Ultra Dawn. It was super easy and my plate was cleaned quite quickly.

For the rest of the day whoever wanted to eat poutine was able to (granted there was a huge line) as long as they washed their dish! A pretty easy exchange in my books!



Below are some cleaning tips from Ultra Dawn:


And because John Catucci tells us where we have to eat, check out his most memorable poutine destinations below!


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