Ding Dong Diaper Ditch Challenge #PGmom

I love surprises. Actually, I hate being surprised BUT I LOVE to surprise others! I was given the opportunity through P & G, along with 14 other bloggers to surprise an expectant or new mom with a Diaper Ditch Bundle.

The task was simple yet SO much fun!

1. Receive the Diaper Ditch Bundle (arv $85) which includes amazing P & G Products:

  • -Ivory Snow Liquid
  • -Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
  • -Pampers Sensitive Wipes
  • -a copy of “Caring for Kids: The Complete Guide to Children’s Health”
  • -a Canada onesie

2. Personalize your gift!  I put the items into a cute pink basket and added one of Princess Peach’s favourite toys as an infant as well as a tie dyed sleeper.


3. Ditch the bundle on the family’s doorstep!




4. Share the experience! I remember how lucky I was when Princess Peach was born  to have family and friends shower us with gifts, food, essentials and lots and lots of love and support! When I found out I would be able to surprise a new mom with the Diaper Ditch Bundle I chose to surprise friends of ours, John and Christina, who recently had a gorgeous baby girl, Sofia. There was no doubt in my mind they were the perfect family for me to surprise! John and Christina are both teachers and met while working at the same High School. The Hubster met them when he started working with them 5 years ago. We attended their beautiful wedding 2.5 years ago and were so thrilled when they told us they were expecting! Now that Sofia is here I can’t wait for her, Princess Peach and our new bundle to all hang out together!

5. Give! Guess what? You can join in the Diaper Ditch Movement too! One lucky reader will receive the same Diaper Ditch prize pack (minus the basket, tie dyed sleeper and toy) and will be able to surprise an expectant or new mom!

Hey moms and dads! Well.ca wants to help new parents too by ensuring mom and dad don’t have to go past their doorstop for a refill on Pampers. Subscribe to Pampers on well.ca before April 15th and get a 15 per cent discount and up to 500 Gifts to Grow points on select Pampers purchases! Plus – get 50 bonus Welcome points when you sign up!

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  1. Christina says:

    Renee, you are awesome!!! What a great surprise! It took us this long to figure it out! We love all the products and appreciate your personal touches. You rock!!!

    • mscmommylife says:

      Christina, it was my pleasure!!! I’m so happy to have surprised the three of you! Enjoy all the stuff and see you soon! xo

  2. Kathleen says:

    Love the added items. I wasn’t able to personalize mine but love that onesie! So nice to help others.

    • mscmommylife says:

      Thanks Kathleen! My mother-in-law has a tie-dye business so she made the oneise! It was amazing helping out others!

  3. Conny says:

    I love this idea, a fun surprise when a new mom is totally tired and anything nice is helpful!

  4. Amber Mueller says:

    I have a friend who just recently found out she is pregnant with her first, so I would surprise her 🙂

  5. Terri O'D says:

    I would give this to an old friend who is expecting baby #1 in a few weeks

  6. Sara says:

    I’d keep it for myself, a new mom-to-be

  7. Julia says:

    I would surprise my friend who just had preemie twins!

  8. Angie B says:

    Thank you!! I would love to win this to surprise my next door neighbor. She is expecting any day so this would be a treat for her.

  9. Kristi Renout says:

    I’d give it to myself! But I’d make sure to look surprised!

  10. I would surprise my friend who at her babyshower.

  11. Lorena says:

    My friend knows a mom-to-be so I would give it to her.

  12. ToCo says:

    I know 3 new moms, so I’ll have to narrow it down to one…:)

  13. Kavita says:

    I have a friend who just had a baby girl 2 months ago and her hubby just started back at work so she’s adjusting to being on her own all day.

  14. Winnie B says:

    my friend who had her 1st baby just yesterday!

  15. Joan Boor says:

    That’s a tough question. My sister is pregnant (at 42) and my daughter’s best friend is pregnant (her first). I might have to split it up and add a few little extras.

  16. angela m says:

    I would surprise my sister in law

  17. Tammy Dalley says:

    I would surprise my bestie she is having her first baby in May!

  18. Well my kids are expecting a little sister any day now and i would love to surprise my ex husband with it… (i’m not the pregnant one lol)

  19. Cecilia Clavet says:

    I would surprise my friend that has a 1 month old!

  20. Wanda Tracey says:

    My daughter’s best friend is expecting and is in need of a gift like this.I would give it to her.

  21. My Daughter in Law and my new Grandson to be!

  22. rose langill says:

    i would surprise my hubby as a hint lol

  23. P Ruthven says:

    My great grandson could use this.

  24. lori butler says:

    My sister in law would be the one to get surprised.

  25. Jonnie says:

    I would surprise my neighbour and her new baby

  26. Kelly Gordon says:

    I would surprise by best friend you just found out she is pregnant!! She’s been wanting kids for a long time 😀

  27. Courtney says:

    My best friend who is due in 2 weeks

  28. caryn coates says:

    Im due in 2 months so would keep it

  29. Karen Scott says:

    I would surprise my niece, she is having her first baby in May.

  30. Jaimee M says:

    I would leave a nice surprise on my in laws door step. It would be hard to just ditch out thought lol

  31. phyllis cadwell says:

    My niece is expecting

  32. Patti Cote says:

    What a great idea. My niece, who married an English man, quit their jobs in London to come here with their Church to Minister in the East side of Vancouver. They just had a baby girl and living in a very small flat, they have not had the time or money to buy much for the baby, so this would be awesome!

  33. Jen P says:

    my co-worker, who is due in may!

  34. michelle tremblett says:

    awe such a great idea !! i would have to choose between my two pregnant cousins. eeeekkkkk, mght be safer to split in half for each of them hahaha

  35. LindaL says:

    I would surprise my cousin who just found out she is pregnant after losing one last year! She would be super excited for this!!!

  36. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d surprise my partner’s sister

  37. Bree says:

    I would surprise my niece!

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