Clothing woes

When I was pregnant with Princess Peach, all I wanted was a girl to dress up and put headbands and dresses on. I knew that I would pierce her ears while she was an infant and really for me, I wanted a real life doll. I’ll never forget when I found out that the baby was in fact a girl.  I was over the moon! Immediately, I began to shop for her and to this day I haven’t stopped. Everything about girls clothes I find so fun! From the little mini cardigans, to the skinny jeans and the shoes, I really can’t get enough. As I have said before, I take dressing Princess Peach extremely seriously. She has to look cute at all times. I often dress her similarly to me (although I don’t sport Hello Kitty) but MUCH CUTER!

When I found out that this baby was a boy, the first thing The Hubster said to me was “all that clothes! Now we will have to buy a new wardrobe”. Yes, a new wardrobe we will have to buy. So, I’ve started to collect some clothes for baby boy. The problem is, boys clothes are so not as cute as girls. I actually find them quite boring! What do I do?!!! I’m not a fan of clothes that have slogans so no “mommy’s boy” onesie on my dude! The only slogan I will let him wear is “little brother” on a sleeper or onesie. That slogan is OK. I’m OK with a kid wearing stripes but how many striped shirts can a kid have?? Same with plaid. There seems to be an abundance of plaid for boys! Maybe, I need to start collecting an accessory for him? Like amazing pairs of kicks or an awesome hat collection?

The first two clothing items that I bought for baby boy

The first two clothing items that I bought for baby boy

Two more outfits that I bought today

Two more outfits that I bought today

I definitely won’t mind him wearing cute t-‘s, sweats and sports team clothing. I’m sure The Hubster will have him dressing in loads of hockey paraphernalia too.

I’m not gonna lie but when I was looking through the baby stuff today at Target I kept drifting to “peek” at the baby girls clothes. Oh, how cute they are. Boys clothes just doesn’t have that cute factor! Oh well……at least I still have Princess Peach to adorn everything pink, frilly and girly!

If you have a boy, do you find it hard to find boys clothes that you like? Where are your favourite places to shop?




  1. My friend’s son wears a lot of clothes from H&M. I love his (well his mom’s) style 🙂

    • mscmommylife says:

      When i was at H&M last week, they didn’t have very much boys stuff in newborn sizes. I didn’t look in larger sizes. Will have to pay more attention when I go next time!

  2. Natalie says:

    Girls clothes ARE a lot cuter. I was lucky to get a bunch of hand me downs from places like TNT kids which is now gone. So… For me, it’s all about rocker Tees, cool shoes and hats!

    • mscmommylife says:

      I love rocker T’s. I will have to scope out some cool ones! Totally agree about cool shoes and hats. I may just start collecting now 🙂

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