A Chanukah gift for me and The Hubster #seasonstweetings

There is something special about Chanukah lasting for 8 days. Unlike Christmas where everything is built up into one special day, the stories and celebrations last longer. Along with this means lots more gifts for the kids. Sure, the holiday isn’t just about the gifts and most night my kids get small gifts but gifts are a part of the holiday. Growing up I don’t remember my parents exchanging Chanukah gifts with one another. Their birthdays are a day a part and usually falls just before or during Chanukah so I guess their two gifts were in one. Until we had kids, The Hubster and I exchanged gifts during the holidays and made a big deal out of it. Since having kids the holiday is about them experiencing the fun of celebrating and watching it through their eyes. Thus, the last few years all of our energies have focused around Princess Peach and Little Dude.


Not this year.

For a while now, we I have talked about getting new bedding. Our room has grey walls with white built-ins. The bedding we have is grey which makes for a pretty dull grey room. What a better time than for Chanukah to treat ourselves to new bedding. Even though we aren’t technically exchanging gifts we got a gift for the two of us to enjoy. Bye, bye dull grey bedding!

Off I went to the Stockyards Target location. This is the location closest to my house and oh, how I love it! I took Little Dude along for the trip and he was the most patient shopping partner while I picked out exactly what I wanted plus a few other items that I couldn’t resist.

As our room was only getting a bedding makeover I wanted to find bedding that had a bit of grey to tie in our wall colour but had some bright colours to warm up the room. And I found it! Are you surprised? I sure wasn’t! Target Canada does it again!

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I decided to keep the grey in the bed-skirt and in the sheet set. The duvet cover came with two pillow shams and really warms up the room with the cream, and orange. I love a good blanket to cuddle with and found an orange one that was the perfect match! A few isles away from the bedding I walked by two glass lamps and white shades that I couldn’t pass up. I wasn’t quite sure what it would look like when I set it up but I was hopeful it would all come together!

I’m so thrilled with the final look! It’s exactly what I envisioned. Our bedroom is much warmer and the orange totally brightens up the room.


I’m in love with my new side table lamps. The glass adds a warm and airy feeling to the room. I prefer it over the heavier chrome look that we had before. I was also spot-on with the size of both the lamp and lamp shade. It fits perfectly in my built-in and it isn’t overwhelming to the space either.



Unlike the gift of an experience like a night out or a movie, we will be able to enjoy our bedding day after day. Whenever I go into our bedroom I absolutely love seeing the pop of orange. It makes me so happy!

Be sure to check out Target Canada for all of your holiday needs! And while you are at it sign up for a RedCard to save 5% on all your purchases!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Seasons Tweetings! May your tummies be full of delicious food, may your hearts be full of love and may all your gifts be from Target (just like mine are!)

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target Canada but all opinions are mine!


  1. Love the pop of colour! It’s time we got new bedding too…I’ve been recycling through our 4 sets for over 7 years now. EEEKS!

  2. loren416 says:

    Nice job Renee! I can’t resist new bedding. So cozy.

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