Celebrating Princess Peach’s birthday at Kidville Canada


A few weeks ago I shared that we were going to have Princess Peach’s third birthday at Kidville. Read all about how easy it is to plan a party at Kidville here.

The day of the party wasn’t stressful at all which felt SO strange. The Hubster and I weren’t running around the city getting various items for the party later in the day. We were able to just relax and enjoy our day as usual! When we left for the party I kept laughing that all we were bringing was ourselves. It was a truly awesome feeling. We literally just had to show up!

We had the entire main floor for Princess Peach’s party. When we got there everything was beautiful. The Theatre room was transformed into the first play room. Two long tables were set up. The first one had play dough and building toys for the kids. The second table was outfitted with tiaras, tutus, swords and shields. There were balloons and it was bright and airy. We spent about 30 minutes in that room playing and decorating crowns for the kids to take home with them. One of the birthday party leaders was also giving the kids temporary tattoos. There was also a happy birthday message cut out in play dough letters on the table when we arrived. I thought that was such a special touch for the birthday girl!

Kidville Canada birthday party My So-Called Mommy Life

The party then headed into the Big Muscle Gym. What a blast! We had a mixed group of aged  babies/toddlers and they were all kept busy playing and exploring the gym and everything it has to offer. Kids were jumping on the trampoline, hanging on the bars, crawling through an awesome tunnel, playing in a ball pit and more! The leaders were fabulous facilitating everything going on in the gym so I was able to play with my kids!

birthday party at Kidville Canada My So-Called Mommy Life

The best part was that all the kids had an opportunity to go on the zipline! What a thrill. It’s so much fun to watch their faces when they go on it!

It was then we headed back into the Theatre  room where the tables were set up for the kids to eat. Each seat was set with tableware, a slice of pizza and a juice per child. The staff did an awesome job setting up the table. It was so nice to be able to enjoy myself, my kids and our guests at the party without rushing around having to set up the table etc. The adults ate delicious food from Aroma Espresso Bar (Look out for more information in a later post).  We then had amazing cupcakes. Each child got their own cupcake that had a ring for them to wear/take home! Those were a hit too.


A lootbag table was set up near the door so our guests were able to get their lootbag on the way out. As mentioned before the loot bags are awesome and contain one of my favourite brands! We chose a Melissa & Doug sketch book along with Melissa & Doug crayons. Two of Princess Peach’s favourite things to use!

Then sadly, our party was over!  Kidville delivers on their promise that their parties are hassle free!  You really just have to show up. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this as a parent. It makes life stress-free and let The Hubster and I just enjoy our time celebrating of daughter! The staff are also very kind, caring and attentive to make sure that everything runs seamlessly.

The kids were also kept busy and entertained the entire time. Having the birthday party leaders there make sure that the kids are engaged throughout the entire party! They really have party planning and execution down to a science. All of the transitions happened smoothly without any hiccups too which often is difficult with a whole group of toddlers!

Thank you Kidville for an amazing party! I interviewed Princess Peach about her party. This is what she had to say:

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