Brush without a fuss thanks to Kandoo detangler

When The Hubster and I were dating and we would talk about our future I would tell him “I just want to have kids with curly hair”. Being a straight-haired girl I always longed to be like my friends who would wash their hair, add some mousse and just go. They would have their long flowing curls bouncing off their shoulders and I would have to spend hours flat ironing my hair to tame it. Thankfully, The Hubster has curly hair (one of my favourite features) and ever since as long as I can remember I’ve wanted my kids to have curly hair too. People always want what they can’t have right?

When Princess Peach was born her hair was dark and then became red and now it’s the perfect colour of red with blonde highlights. When she was around 11 months old her hair started to curl and let me tell you how thrilled I was! Not only was she blessed with a hair colour that people pay lots of money for, but her hair is curly and thick to boot!

I’m not the best hair stylist for myself so learning how to take curly long hair on a toddler has been interesting to say the least! Last year Princess Peach’s daycare teachers would do her hair in all fabulous dos but when I try to recreate them at home she won’t sit still that long.

The one thing I use to dread was brushing Princess Peach’s hair after a bath. No matter how much adult conditioner I put into her hair it wasn’t smooth enough to cut through the knots of her hair. I tried various regimes during bath time and after and nothing worked. That is until we used Kandoo Detangler.

Kandoo Detangler

After bathing Princess Peach we spray some detangler in her hair and then brush it through. It is a leave-in detangler that also moisturizes and conditions the hair as well.  The Kandoo detangler can be used on WET and DRY hair and it never makes your child’s hair greasy! Trust me. I have used tons of it on Princess Peach’s hair and as an added bonus her curls looks fabulous the next day! It is tear free so I don’t have to worry about her spraying it in her eyes which she has done on a few occasions when she has decided to spray her own hair! Kandoo detangler is also free of sulphates and parabens and smells great too! There is a great feature just under the spray nozzle, a little white button that with a push closes or opens the spray so its easy to travel and ensures it stays closed if it’s found in the hands of a child.

Kandoo Detangler

Thanks to Kandoo, our after bath time routine is  no longer a battle. Instead of me bribing Princess Peach to let me near her hair with a brush, she gets so excited to see the detangler because she knows it won’t hurt!

Check out Kandoo’s website for lots of extra hair tips and tricks

Disclosure: I am a Kandoo ambassador. I received product for purposes on this review. As always, the opinions are my own.


  1. My 10 month old daughter has little curls forming at the back. Not sure where the curls come from Mum and Dad don’t have curling hair. I will have to keep this product in mind when it comes time for some de-tangling!

  2. Darlene Schuller says:

    Ive been reading a lot on Kandoo. Haven’t heard of the detangler yet so this is great thank you so much. My daughter’s hair gets a billion of these snaggy little knots in her hair… such a pain.

  3. Jenn says:

    I love Kandoo products!!! It encourages my kids to bath with the fun colours and scents! My DD2 doesn’t have enough hair yet for the detangler but we like it to get rid of bed head!

  4. Victoria Ess says:

    I always coveted curly hair as well, as I was born with stick straight hair! Kandoo sounds like a timesaver for you two!

  5. Cassey says:

    Thats great that Kandoo has a full product line for kids instead of just baby wipes/soaps!

  6. loucheryl says:

    I have heard Kandoo is great. I would love to give it a try.

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