Celebrating a birthday party at Breakout Studios!

Two weeks ago we celebrated Princess Peach’s birthday with her friends. In fact, she had a joint birthday party with her “boyfriend” Mr. O. as their birthdays are close and they have the same friends from daycare. Initially we considered doing a park party but the amount of work and schlepping to get everything for the party was a little off-putting. As well, summer weather is unreliable so we didn’t know if our outdoor party would get rained out. Mr. O’s mom suggested that we look into a venue where they attended a birthday party last year, called Breakout Studios. Princess Peach and Mr. O love to dance so we loved that this party would be something different that the kids haven’t done yet.

Breakout Studio birthday party

Breakout Studios is located at 1541 Bayview Ave in the Bayview and Davisville area in Toronto. It is an event venue that caters to birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet 16’s, proms , grads or corporate events. The space is very cool and sophisticated with a lounge/club-like vibe. There is a bar area, an area with comfy couches, an area for tables, and of course the dance floor! Just like at a club, the dance floors overhead lights are off with black lights being used.

Planning the party was a breeze. I spoke with Leanne, the office manager, and she did all the work! All we had to do was bring our own lootbags and show up! I’m all about things being convenient and easy. So what’s included in a birthday party? There is a base price of $500 plus H.S.T for a minimum of 15 kids. Each additional kid is $25 and for adults staying at the party there is a charge of $50. The fee is all-inclusive and includes the DJ, party hosts, tableware, balloons, chips, drinks, pizza, ice cream with chocolate sauce and basic prizes. We also added a pizza for the adults.

When we arrived there was a long table set up with colouring pages and crayons for the kids to do as they arrived. The tables were decorated with fun centerpieces. The cool thing about the party is that here is a DJ and a dancer to get everyone up and involved with the dancing and activities.

Breakout Studio birthday party

The DJ for our party was Josh. I appreciated that he took the time before the party to get to know Princess Peach and Mr. O. He is very outgoing and approachable to both kids and adults. Josh also asked Princess Peach and Mr. O. their favourite songs which he played throughout the party which was a great touch! He is a very talented DJ, but more so he was so incredible with the kids. Josh has an amazing gift of remembering everyone’s name once he meets them which makes it great to get everyone involved. He had a table of cute, age appropriate prizes for the kids to get throughout the party. All of the kids were so excited about the prizes and it got them up and involved and engaged.

Breakout Studio toronto birthday party

Josh and the dancer, Kathleen played some amazing games with the kids that were age appropriate, interactive and fun! They played dance freeze, cover people in toilet paper, limbo and the highlight was when they unrolled a ginormous sheet of bubble wrap and the kids got the jump/dance/move on it! The look on the kids faces while they were jumping on the bubble wrap was pure joy!

  Breakout Studio birthday party toronto

In between dancing the kids ate a pizza lunch and Breakout Studio serves nut-free ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert. It was a great change and the kids loved it! We brought two cupcakes, one for each birthday kid to have.

Breakout Studios birthday party toronto

Having the hosts at the birthday party made the entire two hours run so smoothly. Usually parents are running around trying to organize things and worrying about the timing. I appreciated that when it was time for the kids to eat lunch, all the kids plates were waiting for them with pizza ready to eat. Same with dessert. The entire set-up and clean-up of the venue was done by the staff. As a parent, I didn’t need to worry about any of it! It was so nice being able to enjoy myself and participate in the party!

Thank you Breakout Studios for an amazing birthday party! Be sure to check out their website and connect with them on Facebook.

Check out this amazing video made by Mr. O’s dad of Loco Chico Video. He highlights the birthday party and you’ll want to get up and dance along!

4th Birthday Party from Loco Chico on Vimeo.


  1. Kim says:

    I’ve known Joah since he was a baby. Our dads were beat friends. He’s a great dj and awesome with the kids. Happy bday!

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