Beautiful Lengths

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. When I have it short, I wish it was longer. When it is longer, I wish that it was shorter and easier to manage. See, I’m very lucky to have thick hair but at the same time it’s a lot of work. In the colder months it needs to be blow-dryed every time its washed or it won’t dry. I could braid it and take the braid out at the end of the day and it would still be soaking wet. So in the winter months my hair is a lot of work because blow drying takes upwards of 30 minutes or more and then I usually flatten it out with a straightening iron so my hair on a good day takes about 60 minutes! A lot of work.

A few months ago I was in limbo with my hair. Do I cut it? Do I grow it longer? Do I trim the ends and leave it? I had no clue what to do with it so I just left it. Then I decided that I would grow it longer and donate it to charity so someone with cancer and has lost their hair can have the luxury of having a beautiful wig made for them. After all, I’m very lucky to have my health and the ability to grow my hair, so why not?

I did some reasearch and decided to donate my hair through Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program .  Currently there are a few salons in Toronto that will cut your hair for donation, then wash, cut, style and dry your hair for free just because you are donating. It’s amazing! Best of all they take care of sending it in to Pantene.

Today was the day that my hair got chopped off.

9.5 inches ready to cut












The braid!











Holding my braid to be donated!












The back of my new “do”












My new haircut! I heart it 🙂












My experience from start to finish was amazing! The stylist was knowledgable, hairworking and friendly. Although this haircut is very trendy for me it’s super easy (so far) to manage and hopefully maintain. I look forward to donating my hair again in future. I hope that you will think about donating yours too.



  1. sam says:

    love the new do….would love details on where you did it….my hair is super long right now and i’m thinking of donating too….

  2. Laura says:

    Looks great! I’ve been thinking of doing this too, but I’m trying to grow my hair reeeeeallllly long first because I don’t want it to be too short. Not sure I can hold out though because, like you, I have super thick hair, and it will not dry at all without copious amounts of blow-drying with a super intense hair dryer.

  3. Beautiful new do and for a wonderful cause. I too have very long thick hair and could very much relate to your opening for your blog about the length of time it takes to dry and straighten too in the winter months, but love how your hair looks now and just wish I could pull off a shorter do, too.

  4. That is awesome! Two of my friends just did this. Love the haircut too.

  5. Christine says:

    Your hair looks great! Only a few people can pull off a bob like that and I think you’re rocking it! How was your experience at the (Hair on the Avenue) salon?

    • mscmommylife says:

      Thank you so much for your nice comment Christine! I’m loving the ease of taking care of short hair! Just wash and go! My experience from start to finish at Hair on the Avenue was amazing! They were so welcoming and kind. I would go back for another hair cut!

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