Advice for dads-to-be and new dads #PampersBabyPanel

This coming Sunday marks my husbands fifth Father’s Day. It’s crazy to think that we have been parents for that long! I don’t often interview people for my blog, let alone my husband, but now that he’s a seasoned father, I thought it would be fun for him to share some of what he has learned about being a new dad.


So, here you have it friends, some advice for dads-to-be and new dads care of The Hubster:

 1. Don’t over pack for the hospital. All it means is that you have more to carry when you leave the hospital and you don’t use most of it anyways.

2. Hospital food is gross, pack snacks and drinks. Enough said

3. Go out as much as possible before the baby is born. You have no idea how much your social life is about to change so enjoy it while you can!

4. Make sure you practice opening and closing your stroller before baby arrives. Trust me. I didn’t practice and I was stuck in a parking lot having no clue how to close the stroller.

5.Walks are key to your survival at the beginning. Not only do they give your partner a break but hopefully the baby will sleep. Win-win for everyone!

6. Use Pampers diapers. We have used them since Princess Peach was born and using a good brand of trustworthy diapers means, that while you are cuddling your baby they won’t have a poo explosion all over you! We started using Swaddlers, moved on to Cruisers and now Little Dude sleeps in Easy Ups overnight.

Princess Peach Pampers diapers

7. Get your own diaper bag. Load it with the essentials you need like diapers and wipes. By having your own diapers bag you are not lugging around the heavy diaper bag your wife packed with miscellaneous things.

8.Patios are your best friend in the spring and summer time. Put baby in the stroller, and plan your lunch around baby’s nap. Also a crying baby doesn’t seem to bother as many people while you are outside!

9. Let visitors watch baby so you can nap or get things done. When someone comes over let them watch the baby so you can take advantage of that time. Trust me, extra arms to hold the baby are always welcome!

10. Do trial baby classes. Baby classes are a great way for fathers and their little ones to bond, but they can be hit or miss. Always do a trial class before signing up.


I hope this list has come in handy. Even though your life is about to change big time, it’s about to change for the better!

Wishing all the dads out there a very special Father’s Day!


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