A Day of Celebration

Not only is today Father’s Day but it is Princess Peach’s 10 month birthday. I can’t believe how fast 10 months have gone by. I feel like it was yesterday that I was pregnant anticipating the arrival of the little person inside me. And here we are 10 months later with an almost walker and I feel like she’s a teenager! She is determined, bright, funny, mischievous, a risk-taker, friendly and most of all she’s mine 🙂

It’s very special that we are celebrating 10 months of Princess Peach on Father’s Day as The Hubster became a father 10 months ago. Amazing.

The Hubster and Princess Peach at about 12 hours old

We started our Father’s Day celebrations last night which obviously continued into today but tomorrow is The Hubster’s birthday. More celebrations and more letting him off the hook for changing diapers and bathing Princess Peach. Either way Princess Peach is blessed with an amazing father, two very loving grandfathers and one great-grandfather whose face lights up the second he sees her. This is one loved child.

So I spent SOOOOOO much time planning this special idea for The Hubster which he LOVED! He carried it around with us in the car all day showing it to people. So high five for me because I did a good job. Now what to do tomorrow for his bday?

Our gift to daddy

Hope all the daddy’s and daddy-to-be’s out there had a very special and memorable day


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