4 years of Princess Peach

Dear Princess Peach,

I can’t believe that today we are celebrating you turning 4. It feels like you have been part of my life forever, yet four years is a short amount of time. I remember the first time I laid eyes on you in the OR and now I’m looking at my beautiful four-year old.


This year has been incredible for you. It has been such a pleasure to watch you grow and flourish into a self-confident, social, smart, and sassy person. You have lots of spunk and sass that keeps anyone around you on their toes. There is no messing around with you or trying to trick you. You have a memory like an elephant and can often recall events that happened to you two years ago. Daddy and I have realized that we will never win the battle of trying to trick you. You’ll just outsmart us!

You have become a social butterfly. You have a great group of friends that you could play with the entire day. It’s so fun to watch you play with your friends and come up with new made-up games or just hang out with them. Often at daycare when we pick  you up you don’t want to leave your friends.  You adore your teachers and you have all three years of daycare. You always want to be the teachers helper and it makes you happiest when you are. In the weekly reports from daycare you are often found in the pictures sitting beside a teacher.

Your sense of style is very interesting! Your favourite colours are pink and purple and you love to wear skirts, dresses and your Elsa costume. You love anything with glitter or anything that sparkles and believe that more of it is better! You have adopted an interesting look this summer wearing socks with party shoes all the time! You have the most amazing hair and love to have it in a braid and you adore hair accessories especially hairbands!

Photo courtesy of Michelle Quance photography

Photo courtesy of Michelle Quance photography

You have so many passions but  dance and art are your favourites. This year when we signed you up for ballet class we didn’t really know what to expect. We signed you up for a place that’s a bit serious from the get go. I had to take “bun class” the second week of class. Every week you looked forward to your class and loved getting ready for the recital. Seeing how confident you were on stage was truly life changing for you. If you could, you would know dance all day! Daddy and I love watching all of your little dances and all the new moves you come up with. Your favourite songs to dance to are All About That Bass and Lips are Movin by Meghan Trainor.


You love art and given a few crayons or markers and some paper could keep you busy for a long time. Every single day you bring home at least three pieces of paper with some drawings or designs that you have made that day at school.

You love to cook with me and I try to get you in the kitchen as much as I can! I think part of your love of cooking has come from watching Nerdy Nummies on YouTube. You absolutely love Ro and could watch her episodes over and over.

Your favourite saying is “I have a great idea” and the funny thing is you ALWAYS have an idea or opinion about everything! You probably say “I have a great idea” about 50 times a day- no joke!

You are a picky eater. You have no interest in eating meat no matter how many times daddy and I try to get you to eat it. Your favourite foods are grilled cheese, noodles, chopped egg, yogurt and ice cream. You also love fruits and vegetables. Right now you are on a huge peach kick and if I let you, you could easily eat 6 a day! You also like to graze. You prefer to eat smaller amounts of food all during the day than eating three meals. You have a huge sweet tooth! You love cookies, cake and of course ice cream!!! I craved ice cream throughout my entire pregnancy with you, and Daddy and I believe that is why you love ice cream now! You like pink ice cream in a cone with sprinkles on top!



Let’s talk about your relationship with your brother. I hope the two of you continue to adore each other forever. Little Dude loves you so much and looks up to you. He wants to do everything that you do and you are the best big sister and role model for him. Daddy and I love picking the two of you up from daycare at the end of the day and seeing you playing with each other in the playground. I love watching the two of you interact and want to spend time together. When Little Dude does something he shouldn’t do and you talk to him exactly how I talk to you often giving him a warning. It’s very cute.


Telling you I had cancer was probably the hardest thing I have done as a parent but somehow you knew exactly what to say in that moment to reassure me. You have been handling this situation way better than I could ever expect you to. The days that I don’t feel well you know to come and cuddle with me and give me hugs and kisses. I know this hasn’t been easy for you to have a mother that can’t always be there but know that I am always there with you in your heart no matter where I am. You are such a special little girl who is so empathetic and wiser than your 4 years. You and your brother have been the best medicine for me and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.


So my love, daddy and I are so proud of you and everything you have done this past year. In a few weeks, you will be starting a new adventure at elementary school! I’m so excited for you to go to the school that Auntie Beige and I went to. 

I hope all of your wishes come true this year. I love you to the moon and back.

Love, Mommy


  1. mom2michael says:

    Happy birthday to your sweet girl! She is such a wonderful kid 🙂

  2. Vi3tBabe says:

    Yay for another August baby! My LO is turning ONE tmrw and I’m all kinds of emotional and sentimental this week. Your daughter is too precious. 4 is def a good age. I have a 4yo, too and she’s a trip, for sure. I am so sorry you and your family are dealing with the evil that is cancer. My heart goes out to you and I’m wishing you all the best.

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