Wordless Wednesday- First Day!

My So-Called Mommy Life

Even though my kids started daycare last week, I realize I didn’t share a picture of their first day. I adore this picture. Little Dude looks so grown up here!

Wordless Wednesday- Summer lovin’

My So-Called Mommy Life Wordless Wednesday summer 2014

We were up north last week trying to soak up every ray of fun and spend as much time outside as possible. I think we succeeded.  

Wordless Wednesday- 5 Years

My So-Called Mommy Life wedding

Today The Hubster and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary. Five years ago tonight, it was a freak Tornado just north of Toronto where we got married at The Manor, in Kettleby. It was our “destination” wedding just outside of the city. We had the most beautiful day and besides the insane rain just before [...]

Wordless Wednesday- This is ONE!


This post isn’t wordless Little Dude turned ONE last Thursday, on July 17. I’ve taken monthly pictures and loved putting them together to see how he has changed each month! We didn’t have a party for Little Dude which I felt guilty about…..until we had just immediate family over for dinner on his actual birthday. [...]

Wordless Wednesday- One year ago


One year ago tonight I was pregnant and excited for the arrival of our little boy the next day. This is the last picture I have of just me and Princess Peach the night before my little guy arrived. So crazy how much happens in one year!    

Wordless Wednesday- I blinked and he’s 11 months!


Wordless Wednesday- Skipping Rocks

Princess Peach skipping rocks at a river in Vermont. She couldn't have been happier!

Wordless Wednesday- Not a baby anymore


Wordless Wednesday- Passover 2014


Wordless Wednesday- Sweet dreams

Both kids have slept with me in bed the last two nights. At times they cuddled together. So happy to have captured that sweet moment. Sweet dreams my love