Heinz Baby #review

Heinz baby rice cereal

There are so many milestones that happen during your infants first year of life. It’s pretty wild to see what babies learn to do in a very short 12 months. They learn to sit up, grasp at items, roll over, scoot, crawl, pull, push, eat food, drink from a cup or bottle, names of items [...]

Wordless Wednesday: A week in pictures


Here are some of our favourite moments from this week The bottom right picture captures a cuddle with Princess Peach where she put her hand on my HUGE belly…..it was really precious and I was so happy to get a picture of it!

Wordless Wednesday – first time on skates!



Friendly Friday #4-One Year later

Just born!

The only person I could ask to be today’s guest is Princess Peach. Today is her birthday. She is one year old! I can’t believe it!!! So for her “guest post” today I will be highlighting some of her favourite moments during her last 365 days on earth. Next week I will post about her [...]

T minus 2 weeks


The two-week countdown is on! Princess Peach will be ONE in less than 14 days. How do I have an already almost 1-year-old! HOW?! This is insane! Where has the year gone? I feel like it’s flown by! It feels like the longest yet shortest year of my life. It’s crazy to think that my “infant” will now be [...]