Wordless Wednesday- Sweet dreams

Both kids have slept with me in bed the last two nights. At times they cuddled together. So happy to have captured that sweet moment. Sweet dreams my love

Wordless Wednesday- Hand in hand

Princess Peach holding hands with her great-grandfather

Wordless Wednesday- Celebrating another month!

7 months and 2.5 years

This past Monday was Family Day here in Toronto. We celebrated Little Dude’s 7 month birthday and Princess Peach’s half birthday!

Wordless Wednesday- Her eyes


Sibling rivalry doesn’t live here


There was one night before Little Dude was born that I got all emotional and asked The Hubster if I was ruining Princess Peach’s life by having another baby so close to her in age. I know that I was just hormonal, tired and hot from the heat but what I was really worried about [...]

Wordless Wednesday- Same toy, Different Kid


I won’t be a short order cook

When I was growing up, my mom made 3 dinners every night. One for her and my dad, one for my sister and one for me. Seems crazy eh? Well, let me explain. My sister, Auntie Beige was is a crazy picky eater. If it was beige she would most likely eat it. So my [...]

Wordless Wednesday- Best Buds


This week, Princess Peach and Little Dude have yet again been inseparable. They want to do EVERYTHING together! It’s really amazing to watch their friendship grow and how much love they have for one another!

New Year, No bottle

We have been leading up to this day for a while. Princess Peach, although she thinks she can run with the big kids, loves her bottle. Her teacher Petra was amazing last year at eliminating her bottle at school. We were good too. She only had 2 bottles a day (one in the morning and [...]

Wordless Wednesday- Newspaper Surprise!


This morning we woke up to a very exciting call from my mother-in-law. There is a picture of Princess Peach in the national newspaper! She said the little girl looked like Princess Peach and when she read the caption, it was her! Obviously we went out a bought a few copies!