Wordless Wednesday


When I was younger we had a tree in the front of my parents house. Every year on the first day of school my mom would make my sister and I stand in front of the tree wearing our special first day of school outfits and take a picture. I have some pretty awesome first [...]

How did you announce?

Announcing that you are pregnant and/or announcing a baby-to-be’s gender is very trendy these days.When I announced to friends on Facebook, I wrote “Me + The Hubster =baby arriving August 2011″. I thought I was being creative! haha. Pregnancy announcements have popped up among people I know on my news feeds. My favourite place to [...]

Life can’t get any better than this

Starting our day with some Starbucks

Spent the weekend at the cottage (actually we are still here). Here are some photo highlights of our weekend!                                                                         [...]