400 days of lessons


So I’ve officially been on maternity leave for just over 400 days…it’ll be 403 days when I return to work today. It’s sad. I’m sad. My husband is sad. Princess Peach? She’s not sad! She was sad to come home with me when we went for her daycare classroom visit last week! I was sad [...]

Friendly Friday #5 – Traveling with Baby

Laura is one of the blogger moms that I have “met” since I started blogging! I’m not sure if I followed her on twitter and then found her blog or vice versa. Either way, it’s been really nice getting to know her! I hope that you will love this post because packing for a baby [...]

KidCo Go-Pod Giveaway #babygifts

What is portable, weights only 7 pounds and keeps baby safe? The KidCo Go-Pod! This pod keeps baby contained (from 4 months until 26 pounds or walking) while letting them stand, it has a spot for a drink and a snackholder as well as multiple toy loops to attach baby’s favourite toys to keep him/her [...]

Four days of celebrations


I love celebrations. Until two years ago my birthday celebrations could last over a month….yes I sometimes would still celebrate my birthday into May. Crazy I know since my birthday is April 4. Friday was Princess Peach’s first birthday. I have been dreading and anticipating this day for a long time. I no longer have a [...]

Wordless Wednesday- Future Olympian?

Not only do I now walk but I can kick a ball too!

Watch out Team Canada, Princess Peach is ready to train for the soccer team! Walking and kicking a ball in one week!  

Princess Peach’s Picks

So I’ve decided to devote some blog entries to Princess Peach’s current favourite things. Hopefully this will give some parents new or different ideas of products that we are currently enjoying! Currently, Princess Peach is into books. Like, really into them. She loves to read books. It’s so cute! We can often find her on her [...]

Friendly Friday #3


This Fridays “Friendly Friday” blogger is Yashy! I’m so happy that she was able to write an entry for me on baby’s first foods! This is an awesome entry and I’m sure you will learn lots! Enjoy! Foodie Baby The term foodie defines me pretty well. At least I like to think so! So it [...]

MyCutiePie Photo Contest!

Open to US and Canada! Register for a chance to win one of the 6 coveted Official Model slots on our site — plus a precious outfit for your baby. GlitterThis.com is conducting MyCutiePie Photo Contest. Voting will be by the general public. Babies from newborn to 12 months are eligible to enter. Register your precious baby [...]

Friendly Friday #2

My series of Friday guest bloggers continues today with Katie from Moore from Katie (http://www.moorefromkatie.blogspot.ca/). Enjoy! Post-Pregnancy Workouts are a Physical and Mental Must-Do The first few days after giving birth, exercise can be one of the last things a new mother thinks about. The needs and whims of her newborn will pre-occupy her thoughts, [...]

Playtex and Babies R Us Giveaway!!! #babyshower

So there is nothing more that I love than an amazing giveaway! Amazing giveaways have already been posted but this one is even better! Hard to believe right? What if I told you that the new giveaway is for a Playtex gift basket and Diaper Genie valued at $150 PLUS a gift card to Babies R Us [...]