Camp Spooky at Canada’s Wonderland is fun for the whole family

Camp Spooky My So-Called Mommy Life

I have a confession to make. Until two weekends ago, I had not been to Canada’s Wonderland since I was 8! Yes, since I was 8 years old. That means 28 years I had not been there. Holy Cow!  Now you want to know why, right? Well when I was 10 years old,  I went [...]

We’ve banned TV during the week

NO TV my so-called mommy life

We’ve banned TV from Monday’s to Fridays in our house.  To be honest, I can’t decide if it’s the best thing I’ve done or the dumbest thing I’ve done. Time will tell.  For those of you who have been faithful followers of My So-Called Mommy Life, you will remember reading a post a few years [...]

Grey is the new black

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 If you know me well, you know that my wardrobe is pretty much filled with one colour- black, black, black, black, black. In fact, black isn’t even a colour but I’m obsessed with everything black. Every time I buy a new black shirt my husband always comments that I already own it! If I do [...]

Mommy and me matching

amazon My-so-called-mommy lfie

When I found out I was pregnant the first time, I kept saying “I need a girl, I need a girl”. I repeated this for weeks from the time I found out I was pregnant until the day at 18 weeks when I found out what I was having. When the ultrasound tech said it [...]

Heading back to school isn’t just for kids

my so-called mommy life back to work essentials

How is school starting in 8 days? I always find it sad to look at the calendar in August.  Not only is the summer (my favourite time of year) coming to an end, but school is also starting back up. For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a high school teacher and [...]

Commonly asked questions since my double mastectomy


Two years ago today on August 24 2015 I underwent a double mastectomy. When I was diagnosed with cancer, there was no doubt in my mind that a double mastectomy was the right decision for me. Since the day of my surgery, my breasts, or lack thereof, often come up in conversations. I’ve had many [...]

Princess Peach is six!


Dear Princess Peach, Happy 6th birthday (yesterday)  my sweets. I can’t believe that you are six years old. The nine months I was pregnant with you felt like a life time and here you are 2,190 days later and it seems that all I did was blink to get to today!  You are smart, spunky, [...]

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Amazon!

lake simcoe sunset

Happy August, friends! Can you believe that it’s August?? In January, when we were in the thick of winter freezing our faces off in negative 30 degree weather, I know I long for the summer months, and how is it almost halfway over? (insert, tear here). I’m really trying to slow down and enjoy every [...]

Bubble Fun thanks to Gazillion Bubbles Giant Line plus a giveaway


I recently came across a quote that said “happiness is…….blowing bubbles” and you know what, it’s so true! Happiness IS bubbles.  I’m sure you’re thinking, “Oh, please, Renee……”. But let me explain. When you see bubbles, it’s a natural reaction to pop them, be mesmerized by them, want to catch them on your fingers etc. [...]

Today you are 4


Dear Little Dude, It is mind-boggling that you are turning 4 today (I’m 2 days late! It was on Monday July 17)! I remember being pregnant with you like it was yesterday and here we are with you turning four and starting JK in September! Before I wrote this letter, I went back and read [...]