Disney’s Frozen Blu-Ray Combo Pack on Sale NOW!


Disney’s Frozen will forever have a special place in my heart as it’s the first movie that Princess Peach saw in the movie theatre. My friend Laura and I took her together and we had a great time! At not even 2.5 Princess Peach sat and watched the whole movie. She may have eaten popcorn, [...]

Disney on Ice Discount Code and Giveaway thanks to Peachy Buy


I have wonderful memories as a child of going to see Disney on Ice! Once when I was sitting front row I even got to get pushed in a cart by some of the Dwarfs! That was such an amazing experience as a child. Now, that Princess Peach is older I am able to share [...]

Wordless Wednesday- Celebrating another month!

7 months and 2.5 years

This past Monday was Family Day here in Toronto. We celebrated Little Dude’s 7 month birthday and Princess Peach’s half birthday!

Wordless Wednesday – Sesame Street Presents the body at the Ontario Science Centre


Yesterday Princess Peach, Little Dude and I headed to the Ontario Science Centre to check out the new exhibit Sesame Street presents the body: an interactive exhibit all about you. We had an amazing morning! Although Little Dude slept the entire time, Princess Peach kept busy the entire morning. So much so that when it [...]

Wordless Wednesday- My little marionette

Little Dude went into the Jolly Jumper for his first time the other night! It was a total success!

Happy ONE Year Bloggiversary to me!!

One year ago at exactly 4:03 pm I pressed “publish” on my blog and literally, the rest has been history! In all honesty, when I published my first post I had no idea who would be reading what I wrote but I was damn hopeful. You can find my first entry here.  Before I had [...]

Mother’s Day Spa Bundle Giveaway- #PGmom

Olay Purely Pristine Body Bar

This year will be my second time celebrating Mother’s Day. Last year, Princess Peach, The Hubster and I had a wonderful day together. I’m really looking forward to doing it again this year!   One part of making my first Mother’s Day so fantastic was having some time alone to get pampered. I got a [...]

Wordless Wednesday-The Many Faces of Princess Peach



Wordless Wednesday- Halfway there!

20 weeks today!

Youme and ……?

When I was pregnant with Princess Peach, The Hubster and I referred to her in utero as “Youme”. Simple Right? You + Me = Youme! We referred to her all the time in utero was Youme. So much so that my nieces thought that we would ACTUALLY name her Youme! Maybe we joked about it [...]