My little bully

My So-Called Mommy Life

About 2 months ago Little Dude bit me. Then he bit The Hubster. Then he pulled Princess Peach’s hair.  Houston we have a problem! My little sweet boy has turned into a bully.  At first it was just at home and usually out of frustration. He doesn’t have very many words so communicating with us [...]

Farewell 2014 #Kindermom

Kinder Surprise My So-Called Mommy Life

I can’t believe that in a few short hours 2014 is over. A year of amazing memories and firsts in the books for our family. Little Dude especially hit an amazing number of milestones in 2014. He learned to sit, crawl, walk, started talking, started daycare, had his first swim class, his first birthday, slept [...]

Healthy and quick breakfast ideas for kids

Cara Rosenbloom quick and healthy breakfast ideas

I met Cara Rosenbloom RD, a few months ago and I’m so thrilled that she will be guest posting here today! Cara is a Toronto-based dietitian and president of Words to Eat By, a nutrition communications company. She specializes in writing about nutrition for children, inspired by her 7-year old-daughter and 3-year-old son. Visit her [...]

Posterjack prints make the perfect holiday gift


The holiday season is filled with lots of family time, cheer, food and memories! And pictures. I feel like the entire month of December my camera is out snapping pictures of all of the great things that we are doing together. Princess Peach loves looking through pictures of all of us remembering all of the [...]

Wordless Wednesday- Me and the kids


This past Saturday, I met some friends at the Toronto Christmas Market in The Distillery District. It was my first time going and we had a blast. Here are some of my favourite pictures of me and the kids. Disclosure: I have NO affiliation with the Toronto Christmas Market. I just think it’s a fabulous [...]

Warmest Wishes for a Winter-ific Season!

Princess Peach's first time skating

There are so many exciting things to do this season – going to festivals and parades, creating snow angels and skating. But as wonderful as the holidays are, they can certainly wear a person out – and all of this running about can lead to colds or muscle and joint pain. Princess Peach started skating [...]

The little balloon that could


Have you ever let a balloon slip through your fingers and wonder where it was headed? Would it get stuck in a branch of a tree? Would you travel onwards and upwards and just pop? What would happen to that perfect round oval on a string when it was let go of? Last week I [...]

To my kids: why we chose daycare


Dear Princess Peach and Little Dude, You dad grew-up with a nanny. I grew-up with a nanny. In fact, my nanny that I grew-up with still lives with my parents and you consider her to be a very important person in your lives. You don’t know yet that she has known me since I was [...]

Catching up on award winning movies on Netflix #StreamTeam


My sister and I are 21 months apart. My mom always jokes with me that my parents missed out on a lot of pop culture in the 80′s as they were busy raising their kids. Instead of rocking out to Madonna, Prince and Tina Turner they were dancing with us to Mini Pops, Raffi and [...]

RBC Avion Holiday Boutique experience #AvionVIP


Up until last year, I would never step foot into a mall after the middle of November. The fear of not finding parking, not finding the items I want, pushy people and just the sheer volume of people all trying to get their holiday shopping done scares me! Last year while on my second maternity [...]