Am Yisrael Chai – What Israel means to me

Israel Flag Am Yisrael Chai

I never write about politics because I’m just not a very political person. It’s funny because my entire family is quite political except me. I don’t really care about the different parties or their platforms or who walked across the line and then crossed back. That doesn’t really interest me. My family could sit for [...]

Don’t tell my daughter she is pretty


When I was growing up I was sensitive about my body and the way I looked. I was an athlete so I was always more muscular than the other girls. I never had that naturally skinny teenage body. I was curvy with an ass and boobs. My calves were always a little meatier and even [...]

Join me for a #cleanwater Photo Challenge #PGmom


What have you done today that has used clean water? I’ve used water to shower, to make my coffee, to wash my hands, wash dishes, do laundry and drink, of course! I’m very lucky that in Canada, I have access to clean water that is free of disease. I never have to worry that myself [...]

365 days of love


Dear Little Dude, Happy first birthday baby boy. It’s so crazy to think that 1 year ago today I had the most relaxed and amazing birthing experience and that you made your amazing arrival into the world. For 365 days you have been my “accessory” or as I often referred to you as my appendage. [...]

I love you huge

my daughter and i say i love you huge to each other

When I was teen I was obsessed with made-for TV movies. I watched them all. Seriously. Clearly this was a time pre-reality television where made-for TV movies were all the rage! Not only did I watch these movies once but I always watched the repeats and often taped them. There were the stories of the [...]

Healthy Snacking with Maple Leaf Natural Selections Protinis #review & #giveaway

#protinis infographic

I can’t begin to tell you how many meals I have missed this year. It’s happened way too many times to count. Usually around 3 pm my tummy starts to grumble and then I realize that I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch and I’m starving! At that time usually both kids are waking up [...]

A toddlers summer bucket list or 35 things to do with your toddler in the summer

Having a toddler at home in the summer time is a lot of fun but also draining! We are always busy doing something. The best part about the summertime is that many of the activities that we are doing are free or low-cost. Sure, I’ve made a few trips to the store to buy some [...]

Celebrating Canada with Air Wick Canadian Park Series #giveaway #AirWickCdnParks

Air Wick Canadian Park Series

“This land is your land, This land is my land, From Bonavista, to Vancouver Island From the Arctic Circle to the Great Lakes waters, This land was made for you and me.” -The Travellers, 1955   What words come to your mind when you think of Canada? Is it our colourful currency? The different provinces [...]

I suffer from BWNS. Do you? #StreamTeam


What is BWNS? Well, it’s called Binge-watching Netflix Syndrome. I suffer from it and suffer from it badly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a syndrome that NEEDS to be cured. It’s just that once I start watching a show on Netflix I can’t stop. I need to watch them all. As busy as I [...]

Just pee in the toilet! A glimpse into toilet training a toddler

Toilet Training a Toddler

  “Do you have to pee?” That has been me for the past 3 days. “Are you sure you don’t have to pee?” “Really? It’s been a while” “Why don’t we try to sit for a few minutes?” Think of bribe. “I have a surprise for you if you sit for a few minutes!” “Are [...]