Check it out!

I’m guest blogging on Mastermind Toy’s blog today. Check it out here  

Fisher Price App-mazing!

Ever since I bought my Iphone I don’t think I have been without it for longer than a few minutes. You can find it beside me when I sleep, in my pocket, sometimes tucked under my bra strap if I don’t have a pocket, in the console of my stroller and usually its found in my [...]

My latest purchases

A friend suggested that I post what I bought yesterday at the Mastermind Toy Warehouse Sale. So here are some of the items purchased and why I bought them! Little Kids The Original No-Spill Bubble Tumbler is a must for the summer! You can turn it upside down and the bubbles won’t fall out! This [...]

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Mastermind Warehouse Sale @10:15 am today! Crazy busy but pretty amazing!

Shake it baby, shake it!

Princess Peach loves music. We have daily dance parties in our house and have since she was a newborn! She has just started to clap her hands to the music and it’s the cutest thing! We also have a bunch of musical instruments. It seems like I’ve collected quite a few over the past few [...]

A celebrities registry

I read and Celebrity baby blog a few times a week. The other day they posted about Kourtney Kardashian’s baby registry. They stated that she is registered at I decided to check out her registry. It wasn’t a large registry at all because I’m sure she is privately registered somewhere else. Here are a few [...]