365 days of love


Dear Little Dude, Happy first birthday baby boy. It’s so crazy to think that 1 year ago today I had the most relaxed and amazing birthing experience and that you made your amazing arrival into the world. For 365 days you have been my “accessory” or as I often referred to you as my appendage. [...]

Just pee in the toilet! A glimpse into toilet training a toddler

Toilet Training a Toddler

  “Do you have to pee?” That has been me for the past 3 days. “Are you sure you don’t have to pee?” “Really? It’s been a while” “Why don’t we try to sit for a few minutes?” Think of bribe. “I have a surprise for you if you sit for a few minutes!” “Are [...]

Wordless Wednesday- I blinked and he’s 11 months!


Dear First Time Mom

Letter to a first time mom

Dear First Time Mom, I was just like you 34 months ago. It seems like an entire lifetime ago but at the same time it feels so new and fresh in my memory.  I was so excited about the opportunities I would have with my new baby and how my year maternity leave would be [...]

5 tips for traveling with two young kids


Yesterday we made the LONG trek home from Vermont. Being the only driver I wanted to make it home in one day. And that we did! It took us exactly 10.5 hours but we made it back to Toronto with smiles on our faces. This is my first long trip with two kids. We did [...]

Wordless Wednesday- Not a baby anymore


It`s the end of the afternoon as I know it

napping toddler

It’s the end of the afternoon as I know it and it’s NOT fine….. Nap time. It’s one of my favourite times of the day. Both kids are asleep giving me the opportunity to pee without someone climbing on me, eat food without shoving it into my mouth, drink an entire glass of water instead [...]

Mother Hen Nutrition Party #iammotherhen

Mother Hen Nutrition Party

  Last week, Little Dude and I welcomed some of our friends (big and little) into our home for a Mother Hen Nutrition Party. Mother Hen, is a family owned Canadian company that makes organic and natural frozen foods. They have a variety of fruits, vegetables and meat purees for babies 6 months and up. [...]

A test of patience


The last 7.5 weeks have been trying to say the least. Little Dude is going through a rough patch that we just can’t seem to shake. The current state of affairs is that he needs to literally be attached to me ALL day. If he’s not in my arms he’s screaming hysterically. And he DOES.NOT.STOP! [...]

Whistle Kids Giveaway


A few weeks ago I posted a message in a forum asking where to get a baby bow tie for Little Dude.  Most responses told me to check out the usual kids stores at the mall. Then someone posted to check out Whistle Kids. So being the curious consumer that I am I found out [...]