A test of patience


The last 7.5 weeks have been trying to say the least. Little Dude is going through a rough patch that we just can’t seem to shake. The current state of affairs is that he needs to literally be attached to me ALL day. If he’s not in my arms he’s screaming hysterically. And he DOES.NOT.STOP! [...]

Whistle Kids Giveaway


A few weeks ago I posted a message in a forum asking where to get a baby bow tie for Little Dude.  Most responses told me to check out the usual kids stores at the mall. Then someone posted to check out Whistle Kids. So being the curious consumer that I am I found out [...]

Sibling rivalry doesn’t live here


There was one night before Little Dude was born that I got all emotional and asked The Hubster if I was ruining Princess Peach’s life by having another baby so close to her in age. I know that I was just hormonal, tired and hot from the heat but what I was really worried about [...]

Evenflo Triple Fun ExerSaucer review and giveaway

Evenflo Triple Fun ExerSaucer

Little Dude is at an age now where he wants to play and be entertained. Sure, he is happy to be snug and close in the baby carrier, but he needs more stimulation as he wants to move about and explore our world! Sometimes my singing “head and shoulders”, “wheels on the bus” and playing [...]

Happy 6 months Little Dude


My dearest Little Dude, Six months ago today we welcomed you into our lives, family and the world. We were so beyond thrilled to meet you. The last six months have gone by so quickly. You have made me and your dad parents to two kids and made Princess Peach a big sister. You bring [...]

Potty Training Prep

Now that Princess Peach’s bottles are gone thanks to the amazing Bottle Fairies, we have been talking a lot about the Diaper Fairies. You know these little ladies who come at night, collect all the diapers, and give them away to babies who need them? I guess in our house they will be replacing diapers [...]

New Year, No bottle

We have been leading up to this day for a while. Princess Peach, although she thinks she can run with the big kids, loves her bottle. Her teacher Petra was amazing last year at eliminating her bottle at school. We were good too. She only had 2 bottles a day (one in the morning and [...]

A Rockin’ Time at Kidville

Kidville Toronto Yonge Lawrence Village

A few months ago I shared that Princess Peach and I would be spending 45 minutes for 16 Thursdays at Kidville taking the Rockin’ Railroad music class. I was so excited about this wonderful opportunity. Kidville opened for business in Toronto this past September 2013 and I couldn’t wait to see what it was all [...]

Heinz Baby #review

Heinz baby rice cereal

There are so many milestones that happen during your infants first year of life. It’s pretty wild to see what babies learn to do in a very short 12 months. They learn to sit up, grasp at items, roll over, scoot, crawl, pull, push, eat food, drink from a cup or bottle, names of items [...]

AVENT Manual Breast Pump Review and #Giveaway #AVENTmomsCA

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump

When I left the hospital 3.5 days after having an emergency c-section with Princess Peach, The Hubster and I dropped her off at our house with my parents and run to a local baby store. I was trying to breast feed and believed that I needed the most expensive double electric pump on the market. [...]