Will he ever have a name?

photo credit: www.sheknows.com

I’ve shared before that I love baby names. It’s no surprise that it took the full 9 months to come up with the perfect name for Princess Peach. We scoured blogs, websites, books and even apps to find the BEST name. I shouldn’t even say “we” because it was more “ME” scouring, searching, and researching [...]

30-Day #MonthofMom Photo Challenege #PGmom


I have never participated in a month-long photo challenge or really any type of photo challenge before! Well, this is going to be an amazingly fun challenge and I want YOU to join in the fun too! Starting May 1, I will be posting a daily picture inspired by the words below. My pictures will [...]

Wordless Wednesday- Hello Blue Eyes



Lessons Learned


I’ve shared my birth story and for me it was a pretty horrible experience although I received the best gift at the end- Princess Peach. Click to read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 if you missed them!  Is my birth story the worst? No, it’s not but I know [...]

The WotWots are here! (review)


Have you heard of the Wot Wots? Until a few weeks ago I hadn’t. Probably because we don’t have cable at our house and our television time is limited. Since I was invited to go to a DVD release party for the WotWots I had to do some background research into who SpottyWot and DottyWot [...]

Oral-B Tween Teeth bundle #PGmom

Oral-B Tween Teeth Giveaway Image

I take brushing my teeth seriously and we’ve brushed Princess Peach’s teeth ever since she sprouted her first tooth at 9 months.  Since attending the P&G blogger event in October, I immediately changed HOW i was brushing her teeth. Initially I was facing her towards me and I couldn’t understand why she didn’t like brushing [...]

Wordless Wednesday- I want to ride my bicycle!


  Princess Peach was so happy and excited to be on her first bike ride of the season!                     The aftermath: When brought in for dinner her first major temper tantrum ensued! It went on for 45 minutes!

Mabel’s Labels Scan and Store Labels!


Mabel’s Labels has created a great new label that combines technology with organization! Can’t remember where you put your summer clothes or those holiday decorations? With the new Scan & Store labels from Mabel’s Labels, you will never misplace your items again! Here’s how they work: 1. Apply the label to a bin, tote or [...]

Trade you a paci for a hockey stick

It was a lapse of judgement. Princess Peach was having a rough morning and didn’t want to put on all her winter clothes to get into the car to just get undressed at daycare 5 minutes later. I couldn’t blame her. Being bundled up in the cold weather SUCKS. As The Hubster and I are [...]

Wordless Wednesday- Spring Cleaning