Wordless Wednesday



How did you announce?

Announcing that you are pregnant and/or announcing a baby-to-be’s gender is very trendy these days.When I announced to friends on Facebook, I wrote “Me + The Hubster =baby arriving August 2011″. I thought I was being creative! haha. Pregnancy announcements have popped up among people I know on my news feeds. My favourite place to [...]

Share it Maybe?

This is sure to put a huge smile on your face. Every time I watch it I can’t help buy smile. It’s sure to brighten your day. So share it maybe? xoxo  

Fisher Price App-mazing!

Ever since I bought my Iphone I don’t think I have been without it for longer than a few minutes. You can find it beside me when I sleep, in my pocket, sometimes tucked under my bra strap if I don’t have a pocket, in the console of my stroller and usually its found in my [...]

Wordless Wednesday

Some highlights of our last three days in Thornbury, Ontario.

We are all mom enough!!!

Remember this cover? If you don’t then you must have hidden under a rock or your head must have been in the clouds!!! When this cover hit newsstands the publicity that surrounded it was insane! This cover was splattered all over the news, blogs, magazines etc. You name it, they were talking about it. I even fed [...]

Summer 2012 Bucket List


Summer is here and life couldn’t be better! I planned on putting this up a few weeks ago but better late than never (right?).  I am off all summer and The Hubster is off for 2 months as well. Seeing that we will spending all waking hours together (could make for some very comical blogs), I am going to make [...]

Let’s get to 50!!!

Hello my dear fellow readers Thank you for your continued support with my blog! I know some of you have subscribed to receive my blog via email in your mailbox when I update and thanks I’m hoping to get to 50 email subscribers and there’s a catch. I will be doing a small giveaway once I [...]

Do you pin?

Until this past November I had no clue about Pinterest. A family friend told me about it when she came to visit and since then I have been addicted! Oh my!!! The world is endless on Pinterest. If you can imagine it (and more) it exists on this site! From hairdo’s to beyond delicious recipes to [...]

Wordless Wednesday

Me as a baby eating a mini-bagel

                                      Do you think we look-alike? xoxo