Contest Winner!!! All Things Girly Giveaway

Congratulations to Brenna!!! Our contest winner I know she will LOVE her girly gear Be sure to check out Love Zoe- Little Girl Luxury for all your daughters and sons accessories! They carry lots of different stuff from headbands to leg warmers and everything in between Thanks to everyone for participating. Please subscribe to my blog to [...]

A Day of Celebration

Our gift to daddy

Not only is today Father’s Day but it is Princess Peach’s 10 month birthday. I can’t believe how fast 10 months have gone by. I feel like it was yesterday that I was pregnant anticipating the arrival of the little person inside me. And here we are 10 months later with an almost walker and I feel [...]

It’s there when you need it

Finally sleeping in the hospital with the I.V.

When I was little I had a rare (then it was extremely rare) disease. Luckily, although it took doctors a while to figure out what it was I do not have any lasting side effects. I did have to be monitored for a while and my immune system was non-existent as well so I was susceptible and got lots [...]

All Things Girly- Giveaway!

I’m obsessed with all things girly headbands, tutus, bows, clips, frills, pink and purple to name a few! Princess Peach has a large collection of girly items and now it’s your turn to add a few awesome items to your little princess’ girly wardrobe. It’s time for my first ever giveaway!!! Love Zoe-Little Girl Luxury is a great [...]

A sign of the times

In my field I have worked with many children who have used some basic signs to help aid their communication when they are unable to do so with their voice. So, when Princess Peach was born I knew immediately that we would be signing with her. From birth The Hubster and I have been signing [...]

Touch and Feel

Princess Peach is now at an age where she is really into touching and exploring everything! She is also really into books these days and loves being read to. It’s so cute to watch her ”read” a book to herself and flip the pages. Yesterday, we went on a walk and she had a book with her and the [...]

Volunteer of The Year Award!

Please see the press release below! If you know an amazing volunteer who meets the criteria below nominate themselves or you Also, check out while you are at it! VAUGHAN, May 30, 2012— Healthy Start Healthy Future is pleased to announce its  new Life With A Baby Volunteer Of The Year award, which will [...]

Wordless Wednesday

Ok fine, I let her watch tennis too :)

A pint sized artist!


There is something so freeing and wonderful about finger painting. There are no rules, no boundaries and the masterpieces that are being made are in the artist’s mind and on their finger tips! Anyone no matter what their age or abilities can finger paint. Some might need some help but it’s really such a fun experience! [...]

Name Game

I love names. I have for a long time. There is so much in a name. The pronunciation, the popularity or unfamiliarity,  the history, the meaning, the reason for its choosing, and language of origin. For me, choosing a name for a child is serious business. When I was pregnant The Hubster and I would [...]